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12017-10-15 10:01:12 UTCSomeoneElse Hello johanemilsson,
This is geographically a very large change with no comment explaining what was changed. Can you explain what you were changing and why?
Best Regards,
22017-10-16 12:52:36 UTCjohanemilsson Hi Andy,
It sure is a large area. I forgot to add comment but it should be some like "Embassies missing representing country #maproulette-2791". Feel free to pitch in if you have any interest in foreign missions and some spare time :)
32017-10-16 13:12:58 UTCSomeoneElse Are you sure that all the locations are correct? Many in the list seem to have been created by MAPS.ME users, who tend to use lesser-used tags (such as "embassy") to create personal markers. in particular seems odd; it was previously t...
42017-10-16 13:25:24 UTCSomeoneElse For info:
52017-10-17 06:24:40 UTCjohanemilsson Thanks for raising this issue! Will need to review my latest embassy edits.
12017-03-17 12:09:40 UTCmueschel Hi,
this area doesn't have any valid tag. Could you check this?

Cheers, Jan
22017-03-17 14:38:12 UTCjohanemilsson I placed the leisure tag in a relation. I should probably just remove the other tags as they are not really necessary.
32017-03-18 12:49:02 UTCmueschel The relation is fine, but those tags should be deleted if they are not needed. Maybe you want to keep one tag with an ID to be able to match this object again with your external data source.
12016-01-26 12:34:07 UTCmueschel Hi,
I would like to point out that the key you are using here is not defined in the wiki and is not used anywhere else. According to
the accepted tagging is
(Please also note the second 'i' in speciality - OSM us...
22016-01-27 08:05:23 UTCjohanemilsson Hi,
The problem with Key:healthcare is that I can't list a hospitals specialities and separate them with a ;-sign because of the 254 character limitation. So I used for a list of specialities. Although I can easily co...
32016-01-27 08:16:40 UTCjohanemilsson But looking at the discussion on the above page it looks like "specialty" is the correct medical british english term. Taginfo also leans more heavily in favor for health_specialty:* than health_speciality:*
42016-01-27 10:17:37 UTCmueschel You linked to a proposed feature for which there was a no voting. on the other hand was accepted by many people several years ago and covers exactly the same.

I personally would prefer the latter one, but that might not be consensus...
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