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12018-07-17 14:56:37 UTCbbmiller Are you sure this is a roundabout? It's a circular road, but that doesn't necessarily make it a roundabout. I'd be surprised if this actually was.

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22018-07-24 09:26:14 UTCbhavana naga Hi bbmiller,
Thanks for the update. Looked into the issue and fixed it. Going forward will avoid roundabout tags for similar cases.
12017-12-07 07:35:32 UTCcarciofo Hi, might I ask why your team seem to be replacing destination:street tags to destination? I wasn't able find any public guidelines from Mapbox that this is established practice. From my point of view you're taking more specific data which is already disambiguated and making it less specific, so I'd...
12017-10-18 09:13:18 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi Bhavana!

It seems you forgot to update the Changeset comment!
12017-09-29 17:42:54 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello bhavana naga. At you have tagged `ref_left` instead of `ref:left`, right? #typo
12017-07-12 13:34:16 UTCJanjko This changeset made a mess of this way:

I'm not sure what was the intention, so I'm not going to try and fix it.
22017-07-13 04:25:33 UTCbhavana naga Thanks for reverting back the issue. I made the necessary changes as per the imagery.
12017-05-01 08:50:49 UTCsaikabhi Hi Bhavana,

Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I have noticed that you have tagged the entire building along with the nodes with building=yes tag. You dont need to tag building nodes with building tag. Only the way needs to be tagged with building=yes. For now to fix your errors, run JO...
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