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12017-04-15 17:54:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to have made a lot of these edits. What is the source of the opening hours you are adding? They are very spread out so I doubt you have visited them all.
22017-04-16 12:00:50 UTCehm1806 Hi, The source is the official supermarket websites as well as local knowledge. I do travel around! I see there is a place to put source in. I will do that. Thanks for the reminder
32017-04-16 12:20:55 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, however have you obtained explicit permission to copy from these websites?
12016-12-01 09:35:19 UTCtomhukins Hi, it looks like you made a mistake entering the opening hours. Would you mind checking this?
12016-03-22 15:49:29 UTCVclaw What sources are you using for these changes?
12016-03-12 12:21:06 UTCSomeoneElse Just in case you haven't seen it - .

I certainly don't remember the Sandbanks Ferry having to travel through a building!
12015-01-18 14:09:01 UTCSomeoneElse Is really spelt like that?
12014-12-06 17:08:01 UTCndm Has the construction finished? I'm surprised they've kept the "Bristol General Hospital" name -- I thought it was going to be appartments
22014-12-07 16:06:34 UTCehm1806
Hi, Thanks for your comment

Actually I made a mistake and the development is called The General rather than Bristol General Hospital.

I have now corrected it. They are apartments and they are still under construction

32014-12-07 22:37:05 UTCndm Great, that was quick -- I tend to add the construction area to remind myself that Bing might be out of date.
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