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12018-01-30 11:00:13 UTCsladen Some parts partially restored in:
12017-05-09 01:52:00 UTCschleuss Hello,
You deleted a bunch of nodes in this change (drinking fountains, viewpoints, bus stops). Why?
12017-05-06 14:55:02 UTCcarciofo Hi 3yoda, can you elaborate on the change to trunk on A1A from Ormond Beach to what looks like the city limits of Flagler Beach? It isn't a divided road, so I'm curious how this stretch constitutes trunk? It's primary before and after, so it looks very much like a discontinuity with no change in the...
12017-04-02 22:01:28 UTCsnodnipper I see that "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" was removed in this changeset.
May I ask if this was deliberate as it is a feature that tourists use in relation to

22017-04-23 18:37:36 UTCsnodnipper I have restored the locality. Thanks.
12017-04-20 23:34:03 UTCsnodnipper Hi 3yoda, there appears to be a large number of attributes that have been removed.

Original vs

Are you planning to add those attributes?
22017-04-22 20:01:23 UTCsnodnipper I have now restored the attributes.
32017-04-22 20:06:53 UTCsnodnipper FYI, the new attribution has increased the relevance within nominatim from 0.301 to 0.7511771902, helping to ensure that it has a good search position.
12017-03-27 16:40:00 UTCsaikabhi Hello 3yoda,

Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap.
In this particular changeset, I have noticed you have deleted some buildings and ways and created your new version, instead of preserving user history? Objects should be modified and not deleted unless absolutely necessary to preserve pre...
22017-04-02 22:10:24 UTCsnodnipper I too had some concerns with changeset 47185328.

Data appears to be removed from the map, such as the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter way - which is a popular tourist destination.

Perhaps 3yoda can comment further?
12017-03-27 16:59:13 UTCsaikabhi Hi,

Again similar issues in this changeset as to this one: When we delete buildings instead of modifying it, we lose some important information.

12017-02-03 14:29:36 UTCnyuriks Seems like this change totally broke relation 1193987
12016-08-04 08:44:30 UTCMaanya Hey 3yoda,
Your efforts in adding data into OSM in deeply appreciated. However, it would be really nice if you could let us know why the ferry route in this region has been deleted.
Thank you very much.
12016-04-03 13:03:05 UTCJeopardyTempest Hiya 3yoda, I see you're one of the most active mappers around these parts, and some good stuff.

However, I came across some of your recent edits, and hope you can give some clearer pointers on the standards\\reasoning behind some of the deletes you've made, such as in this set?

I get there ...
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