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12017-12-12 12:01:04 UTCGOwin There's a tag, old_name, which you can use to retain the name of an object. There's also alt_name, for alternative names.

You can find more info about names at the wiki:
12017-12-12 08:22:03 UTCGOwin For the building, instead of building=yes, you could be more specific, like building=chapel, especially if it's purposely built as that.
12017-12-12 08:20:09 UTCGOwin Good job! Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

If you're interested in knowing fellow mappers, check out
12017-12-12 07:44:02 UTCGOwin "service_times" refer to schedule of services. More info about this tag:

12017-12-08 10:01:26 UTCGOwin Hi Gerald. Glad to see your contributions in OSM. Also, a belated welcome. :)

Here's a tip: try to avoid abbreviations and acronyms. In this case, this should remain as "Elizabeth Street".

You can read more about that, here:
12017-12-08 04:20:46 UTCGOwin Note: trying out OSM Streak,
12017-12-02 03:32:03 UTCSupaplex What is this one?
22017-12-02 03:46:30 UTCGOwin A failed experiment. I thought it didn't publish the edit. I'll revert, thank you for the heads-up.
32017-12-02 03:48:48 UTCGOwin I specifically set it up not to add any data to OSM. I'll look into it further.
12017-11-29 10:14:12 UTCGOwin To indicate a building involved in retail (like convenience stores), the tags are as follows: building=retail shop=convenience

Also, since Boljoon is not a city, the preferred address tag would be: addr:town=Boljoon.

Don't forget to square corners, and to make sure that buildings are not conne...
12017-11-27 23:58:19 UTCGOwin Hello there. The description you've been adding to some of the map features are interesting. Thank you for taking the time to add them.
12017-11-27 12:23:02 UTCGOwin When adding features, there is no need to map features twice. For example, you don't need to add a point for the municipal hall, when you've already defined a polygon to be such. The one that represents the object more accurately, is preferred over another.

Apart from names, you need to classify ...
12017-11-27 02:50:17 UTCGOwin Tip: when adding names to features, don't abbreviate (e.g "Patrocinio de Maria Street" instead of "Patrocinio de Maria St."

Also, when working on grids that require you to digitize buildings, for example, don't click the "done" button if it's still incomplete, just u...
22017-11-27 09:27:58 UTCVitex Culie copy sir. :)
32017-11-27 09:40:31 UTCGOwin 👍
12017-11-17 03:54:45 UTCGOwin Hello, and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I'm curious about your edits. Are you associated with The Generics Pharmacy?

If you'd like to interact with the local community, feel free to check out
12017-11-13 02:12:52 UTCGOwin Thank you for your edits. You're helping make a better map of your neighbourhood.

Instead of renaming a point when an establishment has closed for business, I suggest that you delete the old point, and then add a new one instead.

For example, the defunct Adobo Connection point could be deleted...
12017-11-13 02:01:23 UTCGOwin Hello there. Welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM).

We noticed that you're new in OSM, but you've been editing a lot of mature features. Kindly be careful about your edits because the live map is also being used for humanitarian work, and emergency services.

One of your changesets has been reverted, ...
12017-11-12 06:28:57 UTCGOwin Hello. Thank you for your edits, and welcome to OSM. I'm GOwin from the local OSM community.

We noticed a pattern in recent edits in this area of Los Baños, and your account appears to be one of several following this particular pattern.

Are you affiliated with any group, or directed by...
12017-11-12 06:22:45 UTCGOwin Hello. You appear to be using invalid tags: repair, level, material.

You're probably trying to tag these as`building:repair=*`, `building:material=*`, and `building:levels=*`.

Check out for details.
12017-11-12 05:29:29 UTCGOwin In OSM, `commercial` activities are related to office work. Hence, `building=commercial` would indicate a building mostly used for unspecified office work. If the building primarily consist of shops, it should be tagged as `building=retail`

Check out for details.
12017-11-12 05:22:59 UTCGOwin Hello there. Thank you for your edits, and welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM).

You requested for a review of your edits, and my comments are as follows:

* your use of the tags `building=service`, `repair=medium`, and the use of JOSM are unusual for beginners. May I know if you received any instr...
12017-11-12 00:16:12 UTCGOwin Hello. Thank you for your edits, and welcome to OSM.

Kindly follow the service_times syntax as documented on the wiki:

If you're so inclined, please join the local community exchange at
12017-11-12 00:11:58 UTCGOwin When fillin-in phone numbers in OSM, do use the international format +63 999 999 9999, which includes the country and local access code so non-local callers can still reach them, if necessary.
22017-11-12 00:12:18 UTCGOwin I didn't edit the phoe numbers, so I'll leave that to you. Thanks.
32017-11-14 06:42:15 UTCAnim Mouse Oh, thanks for the tips.
12017-11-12 00:09:05 UTCGOwin Looks good. Thanks for the update.

In case you'd like to keep up to date with local OSM news, check out
12017-11-12 00:08:55 UTCGOwin Looks good. Thanks for the update.

In case you'd like to keep up to date with local OSM news, check out
12017-11-06 11:15:43 UTCGOwin Hi Ernie.

It would be some to lose any of this work. However, OpenStreetMap is a live map that is used not just by regular people like you and me, but also by people who are involved in disaster and humanitarian response.

It is important to keep the data correct, and accurate, as much as poss...
12017-11-06 11:10:40 UTCGOwin Hi again. Again, we notice the same issues with your other change sets.

If you enjoy tracing linear imagery (like highways, waterways, etc.), kindly make sure you add only new data , and not overwrite or duplicate existing ones. It would be sad to lose your edits with reverts.

I suggest you l...
12017-11-06 11:03:23 UTCGOwin Hi again, Ernie.

You seem to be doing a lot of similar edits, but overlaying them on existing data. You need not create new highways over existing ones, or you could add additional information, or change their geometry.

If you need some self-paced learning reference, try to u...
12017-11-06 10:57:19 UTCGOwin Hi Ernie. Welcome to OSM, and thank you for the contribution.

Please do not rename objects . and only add proper names, without additional information like descriptions.

You need to make sure that you load the already existing objects, before you attempt to digitize aerial imagery.

If you n...
12017-11-06 10:55:02 UTCGOwin Hi Ernie. Welcome to OSM, and thank you for the contribution.

This way (line) though is unnecessary, and overlays on an already mature and valid way feature.

You need to make sure that you load the already existing objects, before you attempt to digitize aerial imagery.

If you need help, yo...
12017-11-06 09:59:23 UTCGOwin If this is a new business, you should delete the old node then add this as a new entry.
12017-11-05 22:42:43 UTCGOwin Hello there, and glad to see you actively contributing to OSMS again.

We noted that some of your recent edits are deleting a lot of existing data. Kindly be careful, we don't want to unnecessarily lose the contributions made by others. It's much better if you can modify existing objects rather t...
12017-11-04 14:24:19 UTCGOwin Area covered by this changeset is all of PH, and not just Pasig, although that's where I started the clean-up effort.
12017-11-04 09:17:45 UTCGOwin Hi there. What is a stand pipe hydrant? This doesn't look like something for amenity=drinking_water tag.
12017-10-13 08:37:22 UTCGOwin Hello there. Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

What are these objects you tagged as amenity=drinking_water?

Do they match the definition found here:
12017-09-30 05:32:43 UTCGOwin Hello. What imagery was used to digitize this area? Also, location of named POIs versus what's on the ground are off by ~30 meters.
22017-11-08 01:39:18 UTCBishal9841 Hello Gowin,
This area is used by Bing imagery because incomaprison to mapbox and digital global premium bing has high quality.
12017-09-21 01:10:48 UTCGOwin When mapping objects with branches, the convention is to split the values to appropriate tags. In this case:
name=Iglesia ni Cristo
branch=Cagayan de Oro

Branch names (or, as is called in this case, "lokal")...
22017-09-21 01:16:28 UTCGOwin Feel free to ask, comment your mapping concerns in this discussion.

The local community contact points are here:
12017-09-11 15:23:42 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello GOwin. At what's the meaning of `added=a`, `but=areas`, `few=buildings,`, `has=been`? #newkey
22017-09-12 01:02:55 UTCGOwin Good catch! Definitely not tags, but it seems that I've inadvertently posted the task comment into the object.

I'm revising it now. Thanks!
12017-09-07 02:36:49 UTCGOwin Good job! Great to see you still mapping, and on OsmAnd, at that! :)
12017-09-05 00:40:39 UTCGOwin That's a good first edit! Congratulations, and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

For reference, you can find the documented local mapping norms here:
12017-08-30 06:10:17 UTCGOwin Hello. Welcome to OSM, and thank you for your effort to improve local map data.

I noticed that you've been adding a lot of guest houses, but they don't seem to be in expected places. Are these really guest houses or something else?
12017-08-27 00:28:29 UTCGOwin Aba! Aba! Sa Koreya nagma-mapa, at iD pa ang gamit. 😁
12017-08-17 07:04:26 UTCGOwin For consistency in tagging and mapping, kindly refer to this wiki page [0] for thePhilippine mapping conventions page

12017-08-09 12:50:44 UTCGOwin kindly avoid adding name values that are merely descriptions of the object (i.e. "hut"), building=house will suffice. You may add other attributes like construction material, see:
12017-08-09 12:47:47 UTCGOwin Hello. Could you say anything more about this project? Is there a web page where we can find more information?

Names of individuals (i.e. homeowners) are not normally added in openstreetmap, for reasons of privacy and security.
12017-07-26 05:07:47 UTCGOwin Hello. It's not necessary to add name=rumah in your buildings.

Do you mean something else? Is "rumah" a place name?

Just remember you're editing a live database, and there are many others using the map you get out of it.
12017-07-13 12:34:41 UTCGOwin Hello. Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

The gymnasium name you added is incomplete until you add a tag that classifies the object.

Edit the object, and while it is selected, search for "Sports Centre" in the left panel.

Save it, and you're good to go.

To find self-paced learning mater...
12017-07-08 08:42:00 UTCGOwin Kindly avoid tagging multiple buildings with a single way.
12017-07-08 05:06:32 UTCGOwin please don't forget to square (orthagonalize) the buildings you draw.
12017-07-07 00:33:46 UTCGOwin The undocumented tag "townhall:type:ph" is redundant. The local convention is simply to tag these buildings as townhall:type=village
12017-06-29 01:25:46 UTCGOwin Hello Taichi-san. I'm curious about the use of name, and tourism tags on some fire hydrants. Why is that so? Are there any historical/cultural significance to these hydrants?
22017-06-29 04:26:18 UTCMAPconcierge Hi, GOwin-san!
Thanks for your question, we are making new details documents about this data in YAMATO city.
So, this is fire hydrants, but we are adding tourism function to real object with local government(= YAMATO city). We are thinking about landmark for tourism in the city, fire hydrants and ...
32017-06-29 04:27:14 UTCMAPconcierge We will share our documents on OSMwiki sonn. :-)
42017-06-29 08:51:32 UTCGOwin We're looking forward to seeing more details soon. Arigato, Taichi-san.
52017-06-30 15:22:21 UTCmuramototomoya Hello GOwin,
name and tourism tags are already removed based on a discussion in Japanese OSM community ML.(Or some tags are remains?)
It's sorry all discussions are written in Japanese. Feel free to ask what are discussed the...
62017-07-02 04:28:47 UTCGOwin @muramototomoya

If the Google translation is accurate, I agree with your observations. The OSM community has long, and strongly supported the "one feature, one element" convention for so long.

There's two more left:
72017-07-02 05:15:37 UTCmuramototomoya @GOwin,
Thanks. I didn't notice them. I've modified them on changeset #49977032.
12017-06-30 05:15:44 UTCGOwin Hi there. Great edits! Thanks for contributing.

Can you translate "payo ad kurba"?

Landuse is usually used to designated large tracts of land, and not at the individual level. If that's what you hoped to achieve, check out a sub-tag, place=plot
12017-06-29 03:41:40 UTCGOwin You need to add tags, like: "sport=scuba_diving", for example to map various points of interest. Otherwise the map rendered wouldn't understand what you're adding.
12017-06-29 03:39:14 UTCGOwin Thanks for adding data to the map.

You may add the tag "scuba_diving:divespot=yes" to indicate dive spots. See for details.

You may also tag reefs:

Even wrecks: http...
12017-06-19 09:12:20 UTCGOwin Is this the old home of Paz Marquez-Benitez?
12017-06-14 05:24:30 UTCGOwin It would be nice to leave descriptive notes for change set comments, to help other mappers understand the changes you just made.
12017-06-13 05:51:40 UTCGOwin Hello. Welcome to OSM.

Changeset comments are meant to descriptive notes you leave for other mappers, to help them understand better any changes you made to the map.
12017-06-11 01:00:55 UTCGOwin Thanks for the edits!

The tag `building=government` is a proposed tag and not as mature as the equivalent `building=public` tag.

Also, when inputing phone numbers, make sure they follow the international format +<country_code><a rel="nofollow"ccess_code><phone_number&...
12017-06-11 00:55:11 UTCGOwin These are secondary / multi-functional shelters, and you're missing the "emergency:" prefix for tags.

Please fix. :) Thanks!

Also, "evacuation_center=yes" is deprecated.

12017-06-11 00:53:16 UTCGOwin These are secondary / multi-functional shelters, and you're missing the "emergency:" prefix for tags.

Please fix. :) Thanks!

Also, "evacuation_center=yes" is deprecated.

12017-06-11 00:51:15 UTCGOwin Sir, these are secondary / multi-functional shelters, and you're missing the "emergency:" prefix for tags.

please fix. :) Thanks!
12017-06-06 16:27:03 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Thanks for you mapping efforts for Marawi, but it would be better to use a better changeset comment for mapping buildings in Marawi.
22017-06-08 02:11:54 UTCGOwin Thanks for the continued contribution, jmbangate.

I don't see why this particular change set comment is any worse than say a blank one.

Besides, #osmphcitieschallenge is one of the oldest, active hashtags in PH mapping, largely because of this mapper.
12017-06-07 11:11:47 UTCGOwin Thanks for helping out. We appreciate the help.

Also, we received your GitHub comment.
12017-05-30 02:39:49 UTCGOwin Thank you for adding data to OSM. But please, be kind enough to edit them on your computer so they are classified correctly.

You're only generically tagging them as shop=computer.
12017-05-26 04:20:49 UTCGOwin Hi there. Kindly do not tag buildings with landuse=residential.

If you want to classify how buildings are used, you may, for example change this to `building=house` or `building=residential`, whichever is appropriate for your use case.

Landuse tags are meant to be classify large geographic are...
12017-05-26 03:48:03 UTCGOwin Hi there. Kindly do not tag buildings with landuse=residential.

If you want to classify how buildings are used, you may, for example change this to `building=house` or 1building=residential`, whichever is appropriate for your use case.

Landuse tags are meant to be classify large geographic are...
22017-05-26 03:48:35 UTCGOwin typo: `1building=residential` should read as `building=residential`
12017-05-23 03:50:41 UTCTagaSanPedroAko This is certain that this is mapping led by the Batangas City LGU, but better use more clear comments for other mappers to be aware of. If you have any questions, you can reply here.
22017-05-25 01:24:33 UTCGOwin Do you have contact information of the office/department leading this effort?
32017-05-25 06:16:23 UTCTagaSanPedroAko No, but that department of the LGU, the CPDO, is already the presumed department that maps missing POI's in barangays, tagging building classifications, and the like. Please see this talk-ph mailing list thread: Brad-M is perh...
42017-05-25 07:28:08 UTCGOwin Thanks! I opened a ticket here, and proposed next steps:

12017-05-23 04:16:21 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Better use clear changeset comments when doing your edits as part of the LGU-led mapping. A better comment here is "Batangas City LGU/CDPO mapping: add barangay hall of Bilogo"
22017-05-23 19:47:06 UTCGOwin Barangay halls are tagged as amenity=townhall and townhall:type=village.

For reference, refer to Philippine mapping conventions:
12017-05-12 13:26:05 UTCGOwin Hi Pons. Kamusta na kayo?

Nakita niyo na ba yung bagong imagery from DigiGlobe?

Sa right sidebar, click on background layer, then select DigiGlobe para makita at ma-compare niyo.
12017-05-08 00:54:43 UTCGOwin Hello there. These are very good contributions to OpenStreetMap. Are you connected with any organization, or is visiting waterfalls one of your past times?
12017-04-27 05:52:51 UTCupendrakarukonda Hi aquhcgudboy,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Instead of adding park tag to node, It would be great if you draw polygon around the park and use same tags to that. You can delete the node as it's not good to have park tag to node.Happy mapping.


22017-04-27 09:19:33 UTCGOwin @Upendra

While using a park tag on a node is not ideal, it's not a good enough reason to delete them. Some users may use a node to temporarily tag a park, when there's no available imagery in the area (i.e., cloud cover).

In this case, this person is a new mapper, and I agree with your sugges...
12017-04-18 15:08:23 UTCGOwin Hi there. May I know the source you used for these digitized features?
12017-04-16 02:19:24 UTCGOwin Hi Nate. Are you familiar with the area? Your revision doesn't fit the tag documentation: I'll revert this change set soon, unless you want to discuss your revision any further.

For recent photos of the area, see:
22017-04-16 02:21:14 UTCGOwin By the way, did you chose the `natural=wood` tag to improve the map rendering?
12017-04-14 05:44:38 UTCGOwin Great work Delbert! By the way, you don't need to add names for fire hydrants.

Type is probably more useful. You could find more information about this POI type here:

If mapping fire-fighting facilities is your interest, you mig...
12017-04-11 00:49:15 UTCGOwin Hi Carl. Thank you for your map edits, and welcome to OpenStreetMap!

I'm especially interested in the water resource-related features you've been adding, because of a previous collaboration we've had with Cordaid. Here are the relevant tags we highlighted for them, in case you're interested: http...
12017-03-15 02:27:29 UTCGOwin Hi there.

a flood-prone zone may be tagged as follows:

Please refer to hazard tagging page here:
12017-03-15 02:03:33 UTCGOwin Hello there. Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

"Covered Courts" are best tagged as

In this particular case, this object is more appropriately tagged like so:

12017-01-09 01:13:56 UTCGOwin Ron, welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I don't think this is a good reason to delete this information from the map. It's analogous to banning water because they cause drowning.
22017-01-09 01:16:15 UTCGOwin Kindly revert the edit, or if you need any help with that, just leave a comment here.
12016-12-26 23:45:32 UTCGOwin why is the changeset comment a "fix me"?
12016-12-22 12:01:39 UTCGOwin This police POI doesn't look right. Can you please provide details that can support this?
12016-12-21 12:47:18 UTCGOwin Robert, when adding POIs, make sure you use the appropriate tags for them. For example the POIs you tagged as outdoor shops are more likely to be convenience stores.
12016-12-21 06:04:22 UTCGOwin Hello DarynVladi. Thank you for your edits.

I noticed that this changeset includes duplicate closed ways (buildings) in some areas, and that you're using JOSM.

JOSM would've validated this change set before you've uploaded it and avoided this situation.

Kindly rectify the affected building...
12016-12-06 12:09:40 UTCGOwin Please select the MapBox imagery from the layers menu. It has the most up-to-date imagery, compared to Bing.
12016-12-05 09:53:29 UTCGOwin Good work @Jneil02! Keep it up.
12016-12-05 07:44:11 UTCGOwin good work. please don't forget to digitize all features inside a grid, and to square / orthagonalize buildings, before hitting the "Mark as Done" button. If it's not complete, select, "Stop Mapping" instead.
12016-12-01 04:09:07 UTCGOwin Hi there. I noticed that several of your recent change sets are adding duplicated buildings in the same area, especially here:

Could you please validate with JOSM?
12016-11-27 03:50:09 UTCGOwin Hello there. Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I've seen some of your recent edits, and I noticed that you've been tracing buildings that don't reflect the size, as seen in the imagery.

Kindly try to trace the building outlines, as accurate as possible.
12016-11-14 02:21:39 UTCGOwin Please tag as:

12016-11-12 00:57:45 UTCGOwin attractions or maritime navigation hazards?
12016-11-11 01:36:27 UTCGOwin It's nice to see you back editing again. :)
12016-11-09 04:17:11 UTCGOwin Please do not abbreviate. If this is a school, the more appropriate name is "Santo Rosario Elementary School."
12016-11-09 04:16:00 UTCGOwin please use appropriate tags. Funeral homes are tagged as
shop = funeral_directors

12016-11-08 08:04:37 UTCGOwin Nice! Good job.
22016-11-26 03:49:02 UTCAirborne90 You're welcome!
12016-11-08 07:51:53 UTCGOwin changeset revert after user SJDRRMO moved the building to the sea for "testing". see object history.
12016-11-08 07:18:32 UTCzors1843 What's your point ?
22016-11-08 07:30:59 UTCGOwin If you need help using OpenStreetMap, consult the wiki. Your edits are harming live data
12016-11-08 06:27:12 UTCGOwin See
12016-11-08 06:23:03 UTCGOwin In OpenStreetMap, we encourage users to map what is on the ground, and use the appropriate tags (instead of tagging for the renderer)

A watch tower is probably best tagged as man_made=tower.

If you want to use OpenStreetMap for mock-up plans, check out Umap:
12016-11-08 05:57:40 UTCGOwin This is not a military installation, and landuse=military is inappropriate. To tag emergency helicopter landing sites, use emergency = landing_site. For designated and formal landing sites, use aeroway=helipad.

12016-10-27 07:04:50 UTCGOwin Good job! Welcome to OSM.
12016-09-20 07:41:16 UTCGOwin Hello there. Could you tell us what the source of your imagery is?
12016-09-20 04:19:18 UTCGOwin What is "PNTC"?
12016-07-23 00:25:27 UTCGOwin Are geoMapTool edits moderated by GeoThings?
12016-07-22 01:56:35 UTCGOwin Hello there. These "viewpoints" are redundant. The street names are already on the map.
12016-07-22 01:38:49 UTCGOwin These "viewpoints" are redundant. The street names are already on the map.
12016-07-17 03:40:05 UTCGOwin Kindly explain what these "artwork"s are. It doesn't seem like the appropriate tag
12016-07-13 00:23:10 UTCGOwin Hello there. Could you provide details of the objects you've been mapping as "artwork"?
22016-07-14 21:00:48 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40750009 where the changeset comment is: revert tourism=artwork additions of Matthew Landicho after no response was given in
12016-06-30 04:33:55 UTCGOwin Hi there. Could you tell us something more about these artworks? What are they, specifically?
22016-08-17 16:17:35 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Likely these are PLDT street cabinet. They should be re-tagged as man_made=street_cabinet with street_cabinet=telecom.
12016-06-03 10:13:53 UTChighflyer74 Hello there!

Is the _stn=* Key required, as it does not really fit into the OSM tagging scheme? If yes, you could use ref=* for example. If no, it could be deleted...

All the best!
22016-06-04 01:49:46 UTCGOwin It's not required, but I suggest you don't modify it because we're using them in some hydrants as an example for the exercises.

I am familiar with the ref tag. Thank you.
32016-06-04 08:13:34 UTChighflyer74 You are welcome! Although inventing new keys is not forbidden, it is generally encouraged to use the well established keys primarily to make best use of the database. Happy mapping!
12016-05-30 08:06:24 UTCGOwin Good to see you still mapping, sir! Keep it up. :)
12016-05-30 08:04:55 UTCGOwin Good job!
12016-05-14 02:08:42 UTCGOwin @ockim16, don't forget to add bridges where highways and waterways intersect.
12016-04-16 03:34:07 UTCGOwin what is it then?
12016-04-03 02:24:11 UTCGOwin For data that's been erroneously placed, the convention is to move them to the right location, instead of deleting them outright.
12016-03-28 04:40:18 UTCGOwin Keep them coming! :)
12016-03-19 12:30:29 UTCGOwin The name "Barangay road" is unnecessary, unless there's a proper name.

To indicate administrative responsibility, add the tag
to the way.

The node "Barangay Tara Boat Landing" may also be deleted. That's the purpose of a pier, which you already added ...
22016-03-19 12:32:16 UTCGOwin Other useful tags:
surface=paved or surface=unpaved

You may be specific, like:
surface=concrete or surface=ground.

12016-03-15 09:38:31 UTCGOwin Sipag ah. :)
12016-03-12 12:27:26 UTCGOwin Hi there ! Looks like you're off to a good start. Thanks for your data contribution to OSM.

By the way, you don't have to add the same name for every school building within the school grounds (e.g "Puguis Elementary School"). You only need to put the name on outer object (the school gr...
12016-03-08 03:25:42 UTCGOwin For planning and visualization, please use sites like or

The basemap is still OpenStreetMap, and you don't have to modify the data in any way that will affect the live data sets.

If you need assistance, ping us at
12016-03-08 01:23:48 UTCGOwin Please don't tag this route as a highway. Temporary events shouldn't be put on the map this way.

Consider for this purpose.
22016-03-08 01:25:28 UTCGOwin That's or
12016-03-07 16:17:44 UTCGOwin Congrats! Keep it up.
12016-03-07 10:36:01 UTCGOwin use tag:

to describe facilities for multiple sports.
12016-03-06 12:50:11 UTCGOwin This particular user has been noted to have made similar edits in the past. See result of the edits before the revert:
12016-03-06 04:58:09 UTCGOwin Hi there ! Looks like you're off to a good start. Thanks for your data contribution to OpenStreetMap.

If this is a school, you should tag it as `amenity=school` to cover the school grounds, and each building will be traced and tagged with `building=school`. It would also be helpful to leave chan...
12016-03-02 04:42:38 UTCGOwin Great work! Keep it up.

Some tips:
- Spell names in full, do not abbreviate (e.g "Nat'l" for National, or "Elem." for Elementary)
- Tag acronyms as short_name, and use the full name of the establishment for name tag

If you need any help, hangout with us at
12016-03-02 02:15:22 UTCGOwin Hello. Congratulations on your new edits!

To make more change set comments useful, how about writing something like "digitized building", or "traced commercial building" instead of a vague "First digitized"?
12016-02-25 08:05:31 UTCGOwin Hello. Can you provide a link to your source?

This appears to be just a *bill* and is not a law, and will not have any legal weight.
22016-02-26 07:50:17 UTCmetaphysikhall Hey. It appears there is confusion regarding the boundaries of the area.
From my experience visiting the area many times, people often conflate, even residents of the marsh themselves, but there are 2 different boundaries: that of the AMWS which is the protected area, and the extent of the Agusan M...
32016-02-26 07:58:38 UTCmetaphysikhall ...unless we can get a hold of better data, that is.
42016-02-26 08:14:44 UTCmetaphysikhall Ah. Something to add: The original boundaries date back to Presidential Proclamation 913 from 1996:
Though the forthcoming boundary expansions are highly anticipated, and even seen as necessary to maximize protection of the Agusan Marsh's ec...
52016-02-26 08:53:37 UTCGOwin Thank you for the prompt response. Much appreciated.

I brought this changeset to the attention of some of the local OSM mappers and mentioned that it's premature to modify the boundaries based on a bill. Please check out the `proposed:` life cycle tag prefix which seems appropriate in this case: ...
62016-02-26 08:56:18 UTCGOwin Also, perhaps you would consider reverting the AMWS boundaries back to version 1, then create a new boundary tagged with a `proposed:` prefix
72016-02-26 08:57:17 UTCGOwin ... based on the Senate bill.
82016-03-01 07:55:44 UTCmetaphysikhall Hey, I just added the PP913 boundaries. I decided to include both the park's core area and buffer zone, as they were both defined separately in the proclamation. I'm not sure though if I got the naming conventions spot on. I hope you can kindly check. Thanks.
92016-03-02 02:02:22 UTCGOwin Kindly refer to for the modifications I made. And to the as reference for detailed mapping of protected areas.

Also, the Lifecycle Prefix tags:
12016-02-25 08:17:31 UTCGOwin What do you mean by your "Fix me" comments? What kind of help do you need?
12016-02-21 06:31:32 UTCGOwin Hi Eli. It's not necessary to tag hydrants with name, like

For details, check out:

Great to see you using OsmAnd now. :)
12016-02-19 01:23:55 UTCGOwin What are the sources of these edits?
12016-02-16 06:06:11 UTCGOwin Hello Lucas. You might want to wait for the Paypay tasking before you update this area, which should utilize the new MapGive imagery.
22016-02-16 06:25:03 UTCLucasFR Yes, will wait for it. However, I did the changes by using JOSM and MapGIve imagery layer. Let's see.
32016-02-17 00:57:43 UTCGOwin Try this grid, Lucas:
12016-02-16 10:27:41 UTCGOwin As long as the data you're mapping is on-the-ground, and can be validated, i don't see why it should be a problem.
12016-02-16 10:26:34 UTCGOwin what do you mean by "this edition" and what "important study" are you referring to?
22016-02-16 10:29:05 UTCmanings Hi, Whether it is for a research or not, as long as the data you add is true on the ground, there's no problem. But, if its wrong, it will be removed or modified.

Keep on mapping!
12016-02-12 23:54:26 UTCGOwin Am glad to see you still mapping!

If you're looking for mapping tips, check out the wiki pages:

* [PH Mapping Convetions] (
* [Good Practices] (,_one_OSM_element)
* [Learn OpenS...
12016-01-31 01:29:53 UTCGOwin Cool! I hope you'd complete the Green Frog bus route relation, too. :)

For your reference:

If you need anything, ping other mappers for a hand:
* [Chat Room](
* [FB page](
* [FB community](ht...
22016-01-31 01:36:33 UTCGOwin Here, check out an existing route:
12016-01-29 12:11:44 UTCGOwin Are you sure about that tag for a "stage"? A public building looks alright, but a `shelter` doesn't look appropriate.

In the Philippines, a "stage" is probably best tagged as amenity=theater.

See: http://wiki.openstr...
12016-01-29 04:27:25 UTCGOwin Rukku,
are you taking out the operator tag because it's not Meralco's?
22016-01-29 04:28:39 UTCrukku My bad. I accidentally removed the operator tags. I wanted to remove the name tag. Please feel free to revert it.
32016-01-29 04:36:37 UTCGOwin @rukku
Kindly do the revert. Thanks.
42016-01-29 05:10:11 UTCrukku Done. Thanks for correcting me :)
12016-01-29 04:31:32 UTCGOwin @rokku

highway=bus_stop tags are not incorrect, and is usable for routing apps and software.

If this node is also a shelter, simply add:

Removing bus_stop is unnecessary. Kindly revert, and simply add the shelter tag.

For reference, see:
22016-01-29 05:08:21 UTCrukku Okay. Done!
12016-01-24 14:17:21 UTCianlopez1115 Please do not delete stop position nodes. They are on the map since they approximately mark " the place where a vehicle stops along a public transport route to pick up or drop-off passengers (as distinct from the place where passengers wait for the service)" (see https://wiki.openstreetmap...
22016-01-26 05:49:15 UTCvichwinn yes I understand what you mean, if you want it that way then be as is. I just delete it coz in other station dont have stop position nodes like what you said, only from baclaran to vito cruz have that stop positon. I was just being organized so I could see it more clearly if I look in to the map. Ma...
32016-01-27 06:19:14 UTCvichwinn ianlopez1115 Im going to remove those 2 stop position and merge it to their respective station. By doing this I am removing superfluous data to map. By default a railroad station should be a stop position, and even if theres no passenger a train always stop at the station. Compare those 5 stations w...
42016-01-27 09:54:04 UTCianlopez1115 There is a huge difference between railway stations and stop positions.

On one hand, railway stations are places where trains stop and pick up and/or drop off passengers, even if there are no passengers are picked up or dropped off in that station (per your point). On the other hand, stop positio...
52016-01-28 02:36:27 UTCvichwinn No can do. What you have said is true and I dont have to disagree. From the example you gave from london didnt you notice there two railway and they identify which railway has stop position. Similar to ours there is only one railway from the map, cannot identify which is south or north bound to tag ...
62016-01-28 02:48:49 UTCvichwinn BTW Im using OSMAND+ for navigating especially outside the country. There is a feature to turn on transport stop to every railroad and road and it will be highlighted. Thats why I am seeing those 3 stop dots from baclaran to vito cruz station but the other station only 1 dot.
72016-01-28 03:52:51 UTCGOwin @vichwinn

re nodes tagged as `public_transport=stop_position` are not, at all, superfluous. It may appear like that in OsmAnd (which, btw, I use and recommend, too) but those nodes are functional and exist in the real world, and follows the OSM precept of `one feature, one element`.

The only...
82016-01-28 05:18:03 UTCvichwinn @GOwin

Hi, Im going to revert my changesets but please answer me this. The map is in baclaran station link image below.

That 2 dot indicates the deleted nodes which is stop position in a rail.
I need to know what will the names of those 2 gree...
92016-01-28 05:49:36 UTCGOwin Name tags are not necessary to tag features, so there is no need to add them, as is the case here.

In an ideal network route map, both physical railways can be added. But, taking advantage of the flexibility of OSM relations make this unnecessary.

I hope I understood your question correctly. T...
12016-01-01 12:51:16 UTCGOwin Nice to see you mapping again, Mars. :) Happy new year.
12016-01-01 03:57:31 UTCGOwin Hi Albayano. Kindly spell out "St." as "Street", per OSM naming convention, we don't abbreviate. See here for more:
12015-12-19 07:23:17 UTCGOwin Hi there. I'm curious. Are you using GPX track logs *or* Birdseye imagery to trace features?
22015-12-31 10:20:36 UTCmetaphysikhall Hey.. GPX tracks are made in Basecamp, over Birdseye Imagery, then exported.
32015-12-31 10:22:21 UTCmetaphysikhall Unfortunately Bing Images used by iD has less detail over many spots in this locality, so I turn to Birdseye.
42015-12-31 10:30:28 UTCGOwin Can you direct me to a link to the Terms of Use for Birdeye imagery? I'm curious about their data licensing terms.
52015-12-31 10:41:05 UTCmetaphysikhall There are several versions of Birdseye depending on the country; I can't find their Terms of Use, just the Buy page here:

But it's quite strict though; I'm still on my free 1 year subscription. It onl...
62015-12-31 11:02:14 UTCGOwin Yes, many commercial imagery providers have very strict licenses. That's why I'm curious because they may have issues with the OpenStreetMap licensing.

Can you tell me about your workflow?
72015-12-31 11:03:38 UTCGOwin Hey. If you want to chat, you can join some of us OpenStreetMap users here:
82015-12-31 11:09:11 UTCmetaphysikhall For now it's just that: Tracing over on BaseCamp then exporting GPX files for low-res spots in iD. Otherwise I just go directly to iD. I've yet to try JOSM or Potlach. :D
Ahh. I'll check out the forum sometime. Happy New Year!
92015-12-31 11:12:50 UTCGOwin You may reach out to local mappers over several channels:
For questions or concerns, you may reach out to other OSM-PH contributors through any of the following:

* [Chat Room](
* [FB page](
* [FB group](\...
12015-12-31 07:35:08 UTCGOwin Nice one! Thanks.
22015-12-31 12:00:53 UTCTagaSanPedroAko You are welcome for any feedback. I will continue to map other jeepney routes around Batangas City, and also bus routes to Manila etc.
12015-12-30 05:01:58 UTCGOwin Ideally, change set comments should describe what you just did. It helps other mappers understand your edits better.

If you're looking for mapping tips, check out the wiki pages:

* [PH Mapping Convetions] (
* [Good Practices]...
12015-12-30 04:52:48 UTCGOwin Ideally, change set comments should describe what you just did. It helps other mappers understand your edits better.

If you're looking for mapping tips, check out the wiki pages:

* [PH Mapping Convetions] (
* [Good Practices]...
12015-12-27 05:16:44 UTCGOwin These roads are unlikely to be residential roads. Kindly tag them as

12015-12-27 04:44:02 UTCGOwin See:
12015-12-26 13:11:28 UTCGOwin Please add the tag:

Welcome to OSM!
12015-12-19 07:27:25 UTCGOwin Please don't add the town name as suffix for the village name.

To correctly identify a village as part of a town, please use the is_in tags. Please refer to tag mapping convention here:
12015-12-17 02:11:01 UTCGOwin Hi there! Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Looks like you're off to a good start. Thanks for your data contribution.

I can see you naming the buildings that you're tagging, but please don't forget to add an appropriate tag for its function.

For example, a building with a name "XXX Restaurant&qu...
12015-12-16 00:07:25 UTCGOwin what do you mean by "wiwosm"?
22015-12-16 00:55:38 UTCMan77
32015-12-16 01:02:02 UTCGOwin Danke. :)
12015-12-15 04:50:14 UTCGOwin Hi JonelMagos! Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Looks like you're off to a good start. Thanks for your data contribution.

The building you're tracing could be orthagonalized by pressing the "S" button while the object is selected. "S" will "square" and align the features. ...
12015-12-14 13:28:42 UTCGOwin Asdfghjk
12015-12-14 08:58:06 UTCGOwin look who's back to mapping in OSM :)
12015-12-11 03:00:55 UTCGOwin Hi there! Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Looks like you're off to a good. Thanks for your data contribution

By the way, try not to use acronyms (e.g. "EVSU) when naming objects. Spell it out in full so that other people who are not from your locality can understand them, too.

If you're lookin...
12015-12-07 04:22:05 UTCGOwin What is UIGP? Try not to abbreviate.
12015-12-02 04:47:53 UTCGOwin Hi there! Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You're doing a good job mapping the Iloilo area. Thanks for your contributions.

If you're looking for mapping tips, check out the wiki pages:
* PH Mapping Convetions :
* Good Practices: http...
12015-11-11 02:35:24 UTCGOwin a "dog park" in the middle of nowhere?
22015-11-30 01:52:09 UTCGOwin If you enjoy making fantasy edits, check out It's a mapping platform similar to OSM but for make-believe worlds. In OSM, we can only add real features that's verifiable on the ground.
12015-10-21 05:10:37 UTCGOwin Hello there. What's the source for these maps? Who operates these plants?
22015-11-30 01:51:20 UTCGOwin If you enjoy making fantasy edits, check out It's a mapping platform similar to OSM but for make-believe worlds. In OSM, we can only add real features that's verifiable on the ground.
12015-11-28 12:41:15 UTCGOwin It's not necessary to add the a descriptive name to a feature. A "basketball court" is simply tagged as:

Only add a name, if it uniquely identifies the POI.
12015-11-28 01:54:47 UTCGOwin When adding opening_hours, using 24 hour format. Instead of
opening_hours=4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
tag it like this:
12015-11-27 13:42:12 UTCGOwin For vulcanizing shops, tag them as:

Keep up the good work.
12015-11-27 02:34:09 UTCGOwin Hi there! Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thanks for mapping your community. Good job!

If you're looking for mapping tips, check out the PH mapping conventions wiki page:

For questions or concerns, you may ping other OSM-PH contribu...
22015-11-27 02:35:37 UTCGOwin By the way, when naming gas stations, you may drop the string "gas station". Alternatively, you may tag them simply as:
<operator=Company that operates station>
12015-11-27 02:20:10 UTCGOwin Please tag a barangay hall as follows:

For PH mapping conventions, please check out:

For questions or concerns, ping other OSM-PH contributors through:
* Google Hangouts: https...
12015-11-22 08:32:19 UTCGOwin By the way, your changeset comments can be more useful if you reflect the changes you made for a particular save point. That helps other mappers in your area determine what you did exactly.
12015-11-22 08:30:19 UTCGOwin Good to know! Welcome to OpenStreetMap, and glad to see you mapping.

If you have questions, or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with the local mapping community in the Philippines:

* Mailing list:
* FB:
* G+: http...
12015-11-20 10:40:24 UTCGOwin Interesting! I'll make sure to drop by next time I'm near the area.

By the way, there's this:

In case, that's the more appropriate tag, rather than a restaurant.

12015-11-20 10:18:27 UTCGOwin Good job Jaimee! Keep it up.

Should you wish to keep in touch with the local OSM community, we're in the following:
* [Mailing list](
* [Facebook](
* [Google+](

12015-11-06 06:28:46 UTCGOwin Ruth, please refrain from using Google StreetView . Google-derived data, except for limited instances (i.e. crisis mapping) are not considered acceptable sources for OpenStreetMap because of data licensing incompatibilities.

For your reference:
12015-10-31 12:21:07 UTCGOwin Hi Stewbie. This node is on water.

You might want to double-check its accuracy.
22015-10-31 12:32:18 UTCGOwin Update: reviewed imagery. There is a building over water.
12015-10-31 07:09:59 UTCGOwin Hi JAT86. Glad to see your new edits. Thank you!

As you may know, the main OSM site is for live data, and is widely used for many purposes, including humanitarian work. If you are interested in doing more tests finding out how things work, or just playing around with the data, the sign up for th...
12015-10-30 07:58:03 UTCGOwin what is the license of use by which you acquired your DPWH shapefiles?
22015-10-30 08:05:55 UTCafffff I requested it through my office last year. Is it not allowed to use it here? If not, please delete my changes.
32015-10-30 08:34:34 UTCGOwin The "request" may not be enough for that purpose. We never got public domain data out of DPWH, especially shapefiles so this is possible not compatible with OSM license.
42015-10-30 08:38:29 UTCGOwin Revert completed. See 34966793
12015-10-29 19:46:58 UTCGOwin The following tags may be more approriate (and specific)

22015-10-31 11:06:17 UTChadw Is the official name for this area of land really "Strawberry and Vegetable Farms"? It sounds like a description and names should never be used as a description. You should use proper meta-data for that. Remember that the map is the data; it is not the standard rendering, and you should...
12015-10-27 02:45:41 UTCGOwin Julius, what's that imagere source?
12015-10-22 02:50:29 UTCGOwin ref tags, when used with highways refer to information about the road network. In this case, "DPWH" could have been tagged as operator=DPWH, or ownership=national

For additional details, see :
12015-10-21 05:46:12 UTCGOwin Glad to see you still mapping, Mars. :)
12015-09-27 03:04:23 UTCGOwin Hello there Yanra. What do you mean exactly by " commonly a substreet"?
22015-09-27 03:05:49 UTCGOwin By the way, if "Coffee Depot" sells coffee beans (and it sounds like it does), do tag it with shop=coffee.

If it's also a cafe, add amenity=cafe.

Welcome to OSM!
12015-09-19 05:21:25 UTCGOwin Hi nerhael06. Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I noticed you've been adding new roads over existing ones. If you're trying to update the street names, you can simply edit the existing roads, without having to make new ones.
12015-09-12 08:46:30 UTCGOwin If the actual building geometry is not determined from imagery, do not "guess-timate" the building. A POI to represent the feature is good enough.
12015-09-12 08:43:40 UTCGOwin where does this road lead to? Tertiary roads are often roads that leads to, and passes through another barangay. If doesn't tag it as unclassified or residential, whichever is appropriate.
12015-09-10 12:32:54 UTCGOwin Hi there! Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Adding names is a great way to contribute data, but adding classification tags could help make the data better.

For example:
name=Orient Aviation

if this is a hangar, you could add:

If this is an office, you could simply ...
12015-09-09 04:17:40 UTCGOwin Dondee, is this a baranggay connector road? If it is, you can tag it as tertiary or unclassified, depending on how it terminates.
22015-09-09 04:18:07 UTCGOwin It definitely doesn't look like a service road.
12015-09-02 11:00:35 UTCGOwin Good job Dondee! Great to see you still editing. :)

So, is it really "Dgte" or do you mean "Dumaguete Sikad Trail 1"? It's best not use abbreviations so people from other places can easily search for them.
12015-08-26 09:02:25 UTCGOwin Hi cokie_osm. What's this polygon supposed to represent?
12015-08-26 01:21:11 UTCGOwin re operator tag. This shouldn't refer to the head of the barangay, but to the entity that operates it (i.e. "Barangay Domolog Council"), and used together with another tag: operator:type=government

For more information, see :
12015-08-24 10:54:32 UTCGOwin Don't put any personal information online.
12015-08-24 06:58:09 UTCGOwin ericdel,
It is not necessary to combine roads, along as the segments are connected Mind telling me what you're trying to achieve here? Maybe I can help
22015-08-25 00:25:22 UTCericdel Thanks for the comments, You are right Gowin. As I explore more on editing lines and areas, the segments needs to be connected.
12015-08-22 12:57:48 UTCGOwin Sir, sa dagat ba talaga itong beach house? :)
12015-08-22 07:16:28 UTCGOwin Hi Dondee. When digitizing buildings, make sure that you cover just the buildings themselves and not other areas or other buildings. Each building should be digitized and tagged separately.

Daghang salamat for keeping it up, and updating the POIs!
12015-08-15 03:25:41 UTCGOwin you can add the tag
to classify the feature you just added
12015-08-10 03:07:43 UTCGOwin Hi Reymark. Welcome to OpenStreetMap! :)

For sitios, you can add the tag:

to properly identify such features.

You can also add the is_in tag to identify which barangay, town, province a sitio belongs to, like:
is_in= <village>, San Carlos, Negros Occidental, PH

12015-08-09 11:21:45 UTCGOwin Hi Sheikara. I'm curious about your edits. I notice that the building trace you've put on the map are of similar sizes and shape, but looking at the satellite imagery, these features are not visible at all (ie. houses, basketball courts, etcetera.)

Can you tell me how you're mapping these featur...
12015-08-08 09:29:45 UTCGOwin Hi Maris. What do you mean by "indicator=Small Center"?
12015-08-08 09:27:13 UTCGOwin Interesting! How was the food?
22015-08-08 12:10:13 UTCprabeshbasnet Indeed! Filling and tasty.
12015-08-06 07:14:57 UTCGOwin Hey Bunny. You did the traverse?

22015-08-06 07:30:01 UTCbanito_pinoy Hi GOwin, I did only some sections. Not the whole traverse.
12015-08-06 06:01:06 UTCTotor Hi GOWin
I added the missing parts from GPS traces.
Happy Mapping,

22015-08-06 06:36:54 UTCGOwin Thanks Totor!
12015-07-31 14:09:26 UTCRondom You have changed the whole island of Cebu from an island to a lake. So the whole island was turning blue with water.

I am sure this was not your intention and I therefore reverted your change in my changeset

22015-08-01 04:08:05 UTCGOwin Thank you for the fix, Rondom.
12015-07-23 04:13:19 UTCTotor Hi Tinicab,
I saw you edited several times this poi, probably because it does not show up on the map...
You could try:
amenity=post_office and brand=2GO Express.
You can find the description of the tag here:

22015-07-23 04:18:19 UTCTotor Oops, it should be :
operator=2GO Express
name=2GO Express
32015-07-23 05:19:11 UTCtinicab Hi Totor, thank you, but really, i'm noosebleeding on how to tag the name 2Go Express and FedEx on this particular "point"..right now still figuring out how to apply your recommendation...hehe
42015-07-26 11:11:50 UTCGOwin amenity=post_office
brand=2GO Express;FedEx

where operator is the name of the establishment as seen in their DTI registration. Usually, these are franchised operators of the brand.

The name tag is optional, or it could be the business style of the operator.
12015-07-25 10:24:37 UTCGOwin Nagkaroon ka ba ng pagkakataong sipatin ang mga kalansay ng balanhai sa museo ng Butuan? :)
22015-07-27 02:25:05 UTCmaning Opo.
12015-07-18 08:16:20 UTCGOwin Some of these buildings are oddly shaped, most likely because you're tracing a couple of buildings together?

Trace each building individually.

JOSM is very easy to work with (install the buildings plugin) on features like this.
22015-07-18 08:17:50 UTCGOwin Btw, great find with the imagery. Where did you get them?
32015-07-18 08:56:39 UTCprabeshbasnet I usually use rooftops as guides, but I combined some buildings thinking they were complexes. Will change. Thanks.

As for Imagery: "Hi Res DigitalGlobe Imagery is now available...Through the MapGive project, the Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU) of the U.S. Department of State is providing...
42015-07-18 10:36:16 UTCGOwin Ah, I see. You got the imagery layers via TM.
12015-07-17 05:10:29 UTCGOwin Nate, please be mindful of the edits, especially with the relations. You seem to have deleted the original in this area and we lost some information because of that.
12015-07-17 04:49:24 UTCGOwin Good job!
12015-07-16 11:17:11 UTCGOwin Great work guys! Keep it up.

There's better imagery available from HIU:

If you don't know how to switch tile layers for the imagery, check out for specific instructions.

12015-06-24 12:56:55 UTCGOwin Ang galing ng detalyeng nilagay mo, Mr. Gnutella. :)

I used to play tennis in the Sacred Heart subdivision, next to Mater Carmeli.
22015-06-24 13:07:21 UTCGOwin what does "STSN" stand for?
12015-06-24 05:25:32 UTCGOwin "Jollibee" not "Jollibee's"
12015-06-17 12:53:28 UTCGOwin landuse=brownfield
12015-06-17 12:31:52 UTCGOwin This isn't a hackerspace. Try
12015-06-17 12:28:52 UTCGOwin I suggest you use the following tags:

12015-06-17 12:25:01 UTCGOwin Grabe! Adik o. :)

Keep up the good work.
12015-06-16 23:42:25 UTCGOwin You can add more details here.

entrance/exit nodes
and you would need to shift the trace a bit to account for the satellite angle.
12015-04-24 05:35:37 UTCmaning Many buildings has a "name=magpur4hh022". What does it mean?
22015-04-24 15:10:02 UTCGOwin Hi Maning. This is a side-effect of their current workflow. Am working with the Palawan PRC team through this.

Please consider this a work-in-progress, and I'm also keeping tabs on it to make sure they complete it.
32015-04-27 06:31:47 UTCmaning No worries. I just want to point this issue. As they say, "early detection" is key. ;)
12015-04-22 14:25:02 UTCGOwin Is this the correct location of the same object mapped here:

12015-04-22 14:22:58 UTCGOwin Hello jovious324. I want to say thanks for the contributions your making to help improve the map of Catbalogan. Kudos and I hope you'd keep it up. :)

For the latest news regarding OSM mapping in the Philippines, check out the community at:
mailing list:
12015-04-22 03:12:10 UTCGOwin Hi chatt980.

You might want to reconsider how you're tagging commercial areas. If they've been tagged as "landuse=commercial", it would be redundant, and therefore not necessary to put in "commercial establishment" in the name tag.

The name tag is appropriate if the actual...
12015-04-22 03:09:20 UTCGOwin Hi chatt980.

need to clarify between highway=path versus highway=footway. If these tracks are meant only for pedestrians, you may use footway instead.

It's also not necessary to put the name "rice field foot path", instead you may tag them as a note (for other mappers), or as a desc...
12015-04-13 00:30:24 UTCGOwin It's great to see you're still mapping, and adding a lot of details in Bacolod. Thanks!
22015-04-13 07:08:13 UTCa_joemar Thank you as well for guiding me as a just trying to update and improve some obsolete POI.
32015-04-13 07:09:29 UTCa_joemar By the way, on edit mode i just noticed on satellite view, the map is still old or no buildings constructed even 2 years ago. Will i expect a new satellite map soon?
42015-04-13 08:08:56 UTCGOwin Getting to know when you'll have new imagery is hard to say. OSM only relies on free imagery that Bing provides for tracing.
12015-02-16 13:16:25 UTCGOwin Sorry about the large bbox. Made a correction in another area, while doing another from somewhere else.
12015-02-15 00:34:06 UTCGOwin does CAP refer to College Assurance Plan?

If so, the node could be appropriately tagged as:

See here:

22015-02-15 01:52:04 UTCa_joemar Hi, yup that's correct. I might have accidentally move the icon of CAP. However, that doesn't operate for more than 10 years, due to losses. But still the building is still there.
Thank you
32015-02-15 01:53:45 UTCa_joemar Also, that PCI bank is now UCPB.
42015-02-15 02:14:25 UTCGOwin I updated the POI to demonstrate what you can do. I used the original node (point) you made to create you can trace a closed way (polygon) over the outline of the building, and add additional details where possible.

Normally, nodes are used to indicate the approximate location of a POI. If satel...
52015-02-16 02:05:39 UTCa_joemar thank you
62015-02-16 02:14:11 UTCa_joemar By the way, i don't know if this a right place to place my topic.. re changing/modifying of old POI in respect of old/ previous contributors. or i might need permission from them or from the admin? for instance the old provincial jail is now a shopping mall that is under construction.
thank you
72015-02-16 07:13:10 UTCGOwin 1. Many people keep in touch by the mailing list: or thru FB: You can use Filipino or English in those channels. Questions here may not get immediate attention.

2. One thing to remember with OSM is "map what's on the ground...
82015-02-16 08:32:55 UTCa_joemar hi,
thanks for advice, anyway, i tried mo record my GPX file via OSMAnd apps for the new access route and i uploaded the file. it seems it was a success.but when will i expect the posting of the new route?
92015-02-16 10:31:25 UTCGOwin GPX tracks don't automatically turn into a way. Instead, it's used to trace a way/line.

Using the iD editor, it's a simple drag and drop operation. Details here:
102015-02-16 12:23:34 UTCGOwin By the way, your trace was indeed uploaded:
112015-02-17 02:46:38 UTCa_joemar thank you. i'll give it a try
12015-02-15 00:47:56 UTCGOwin For a building with a BPO, the following tags could be applied:


For a building with multiple tenants operating as different companies, each node may have
12014-12-16 08:24:23 UTCGOwin Good work!. Thanks for adding new features to OpenStreetMap.

I fixed some of the features you added. For example, when adding fish ponds, you don't need to put "fishpond" as a name. You can use the following tags instead:

With ...
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