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12017-03-30 08:39:06 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Batangas City] add jeepney stops, rename barangay
12017-03-25 12:00:24 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Batangas] add/update several POI's, rename barangay
12017-03-18 01:23:47 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Bacoor] rename motorcycle dealer, Puregold branch, and school
12017-03-18 01:01:12 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Santa Rosa, Laguna+Silang, Cavite+Tagaytay] rename Mitsubishi dealer and Savemore branches, add school, burger restaurant and 7-Eleven branch
12017-03-18 00:58:22 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Tagaytay] add schools, viewpoint, and food kiosk
12017-03-16 12:17:50 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Cuenca, Batangas] add name to cemetery (name used originally on POI node that will be merged with this polygon by deletion or node merging)
12017-03-13 10:54:08 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Salawag, Dasmariñas, Cavite] correct name of Alfamart branch
12017-03-07 10:15:36 UTCTagaSanPedroAko This is first of a series of changesets that will change the voltage of 13800 V or 7970 V feeders to 13200 and 7620 V. Looking at voltages of the primary side of transformers on feeders with such voltage in reality, the voltage actually used on the feeders is 13200 (two-wire and three-wire) and 7620...
12017-03-07 10:02:30 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Poblacion, San Pedro, Laguna] add Card SME Bank branch and number of floors in building
12017-02-15 04:58:40 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Cabanatuan] rename Chinabank branch (name formerly used should be on the operator tag), fix name of Ministop branch, remove descriptor on Jollibee branch (better add it on branch=* instead)
12017-02-13 13:56:58 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Valenzuela] correct name of Chinabank branch
12017-02-13 13:56:18 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Valenzuela] correct caps on hospital name, remove descriptors on name of Ministop branch
12017-02-13 13:51:56 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Carmona, Cavite+Biñan] add/name jeepney stops, revert Maps.Me name edit on Central Mall Biñan
12017-02-12 15:34:07 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Batangas City] add/rename jeepney stops
12017-02-12 15:31:49 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna] add jeepney stops for San Pedro - Southville 4A route (for addition)
12017-02-12 15:08:44 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Batangas City] add/rename jeepney stops
12017-02-12 15:04:04 UTCTagaSanPedroAko [Batangas City] rename jeepney stops
12017-02-03 14:47:29 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Mistake on comment: V should be kV here
12017-02-01 12:05:56 UTCTagaSanPedroAko January 31, 2017 Update: Still no evidence of existence in reality. From the Skyway, there is still houses by informal settlers, but cannot find an announcement poster or banner. Look at it next time, under the Skyway, from SLEX.
12017-01-26 10:10:44 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Typo again here. Edit on Level0 done using an Android phone.
12017-01-25 11:27:13 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Removal mentioned here is on relations. I removed most members of "Sucat 10OK" distribution circuit relation here as most are actually part of San Pedro 425WH, after survey. Sucat 10OK is given here, but not actually, as the real circuit reference numbers are found on the remote control antenna boxe...
12016-12-22 06:14:39 UTCTagaSanPedroAko I'm not certain whether Ever Gotesco Ortigas is bought by SM and is renamed as SM Center East Ortigas. Any experienced mapper or local mapper should verify them before changing.
22017-01-24 01:48:10 UTCRally The new is SM City East Ortigas. Th front-side of the building was extended towards Ortigas Ave Ext. and there's a new transport terminal building on the N-E corner. I'll will try to draw the approx shape later. Been there twice, but not to map :-)
32017-01-24 09:05:52 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Thanks for the reply. I renamed "SM City East Ortigas" back to "Ever Gotesco Ortigas" resulting from uncertainty, as I have not travelled along Ortigas Avenue toward Antipolo, and paranoia regarding the Wikipedia vandal "Bertrand101", that has been present in OpenStreetMap (Malls are one topic also ...
12017-01-23 13:23:13 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Typo on changeset comment. This edit is done from a Android phone.
12017-01-19 14:57:04 UTCSomeoneElse I notice that "Joey Samson" is editing again. Do the new changes look sensible?
Best Regards,
12017-01-19 01:37:15 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Forgot to add this, as the comment is too lengthy.

"...and meat shop"
12017-01-13 09:30:32 UTCTagaSanPedroAko NAPOCOR or National Power Corporation (then to Transco or National Transmission Corporation after separation from NAPOCOR) transmission line now maintained by NGCP (National Grid Corporation of the Philippines)
12016-07-19 04:43:42 UTCseav To which imagery did you realign the objects? Please note that both Bing and Mapbox are misaligned in Alabang.
22017-01-13 08:51:30 UTCTagaSanPedroAko I realigned them using Mapbox Satellite imagery. (Sorry for the late reply)
12017-01-12 11:10:12 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Forgot to add this on the comments: "add gate and pole-mounted transformer"
12017-01-11 09:24:37 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Edits are based on ground survey and Bing imagery. Oblates of Saint Joseph Seminary added after seeing it. Iglesia ni Cristo "local" added from Bing, and New Era University Lipa Campus by survey, though what is found during survey is signage telling the university's location and the outline is trace...
12017-01-07 01:32:25 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Forgot to remove Reverter from the created_by tag. I'll remove that on my next set of edits.
12017-01-01 04:41:05 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Wrong changeset comment. Should be [Poblacion, Batangas City] add missing tags on Meralco distribution line
12016-09-21 11:15:08 UTCianlopez1115 Re: Chipeco Ave. bus/jeepney stop, is it for northbound vehicles (bound for Calamba Crossing), for southbound vehicles (bound for UP Los Baños, San Pablo & Santa Cruz) or for both?
12016-09-01 15:06:40 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Split (white line with diagonal white lines) actually extends past San Pedro per last survey.
12016-08-31 09:44:58 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Some changes here are based on personal knowledge, but, I forgot to add them on the sources on JOSM.
12016-07-06 07:05:26 UTCseav Are you really sure that the ramps at C-5-Bayani got changed?
22016-07-24 02:17:31 UTCseav I've partially reverted this changeset. The C-5-Bayani interchange was correct before.
12015-12-31 07:35:08 UTCGOwin Nice one! Thanks.
22015-12-31 12:00:53 UTCTagaSanPedroAko You are welcome for any feedback. I will continue to map other jeepney routes around Batangas City, and also bus routes to Manila etc.
12015-10-31 06:10:02 UTCseav Note: Eurotel still exists. Dream Hotel is a separate entity (a motel) located behind Eurotel.
12015-10-30 12:35:44 UTCianlopez1115 I think that there might be a typo in node 3809597504 ( Also, kudos for the use of the level tag (
12015-08-23 01:54:25 UTCseav One of the turn restrictions that was added will end up being a no-left-turn from Daang Hari eastbound to Molino Road northbound. Is this correct?
22015-08-27 16:41:57 UTCseav I have fixed the turn restriction such that it is now a no-u-turn instead of a no-left-turn:
12015-08-23 01:51:00 UTCseav SLEX is already marked as int_ref=AH26 (international ref is Asian Highway 26). ref=* should be reserved for the national reference numbers provided by DPWH.
22015-08-27 16:38:59 UTCseav I have removed "AH26" from the ref=* tag:
12015-08-23 01:52:00 UTCseav Is your intention to expand the territory of San Pedro? If so, did you also intend to expand the territory of Muntinlupa?
22015-08-27 16:34:10 UTCseav I have modified Muntinlupa's boundary to the previous shape:
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