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12018-05-16 05:36:07 UTCseav If the highway is not actually *currently* being constructed (or is still in the proposed state), marking it as highway=construction is not appropriate.

Even then, only the sections that are being constructed should be marked as highway=construction and not the whole highway.
12018-04-20 21:28:05 UTCseav OK. This node's position now looks really weird:

What imagery offset did you use for Bing?
22018-04-21 09:35:11 UTCGOwin I'm using the refreshed Bing imagery here, and the odd angle was due to a segment I missed.

It's been fixed. Thanks for the catch.
12018-04-14 04:46:37 UTCGOwin When tagging settlements, kindly use place=village for barangay administrative settlements, following OSM conventions.

For gated communities kindly use place=neighbourhood.
22018-04-14 15:53:36 UTCseav Or if the gated community is "small" enough, landuse=residential is enough.
32018-04-15 00:11:46 UTCGOwin Thanks for chiming in, @Seav.

Well, the downside to landuse=residential is that they don't get indexed by Nominatim, or by Photon.

Ideally, we shouldn't use landuse for individual settlements, but to identify all homogenous residential areas instead.
42018-04-15 02:16:59 UTCseav I am not sure about Photon but Nominatim does index named landuse=residential areas. Case in point:
52018-04-15 05:56:27 UTCDearPaulPH Wait... I have forgot something to place the required tag, and thank you for your feedback. Will fix it later at DEAR PAUL 24 Base, and now at Metro Manila.
62018-04-15 06:04:39 UTCGOwin And their address rank is now the same. I don't remember the same behavior from before. Thank you for pointing that out.

So now that makes them the same - but different. 😸 How would you differentiate their use now?
72018-04-15 07:08:27 UTCseav @GOwin, well I would use place=neighbourhood for places that feel like a neighborhood and not necessarily 100% residential. Like Salcedo Village in Makati.
82018-04-16 02:41:16 UTCGOwin 🙃
12018-03-01 14:59:25 UTCseav Hi! May I know what these highway=steps are in the Camp Aguinaldo Golf Course? Please take note that highway=steps is meant to be used for stairs and stairways, such as the ones at the ends of pedestrian overpasses.
12017-12-18 13:30:47 UTCseav This is a pretty messy changeset that messes us routing at the Amorsolo exit of Skyway.
12017-12-18 13:12:56 UTCseav Is Pasong Tamo really divided in this area? I do not recall that there is a center island for Pasong Tamo starting from Dela Rosa until Pasay Road.
12017-12-18 12:42:21 UTCseav Sorry, but a pedestrian crossing is not tagged as a highway=pedestrian.
12017-12-18 12:14:12 UTCseav I will be reverting this changeset because it messed up the boundaries of Quezon City, Pasig, and Mandaluyong.
12017-10-06 00:35:17 UTCseav Why did you remove the outer ways of the Luzon island multipolygon in this changeset?
12017-08-26 05:39:49 UTCseav This changeset unfortunately deleted the baselines of the Philippines. I will be reverting this deletion.
12017-07-31 03:31:13 UTCseav Why did you turn the whole boulevard into a bridge?
22017-07-31 03:35:01 UTCseav Fixed:
12017-06-10 14:09:50 UTCseav Hi! I had to undo some of the changes in this changeset. For example, the place node for Brgy. Corazon de Jesus was deleted. For another, a node was accidentally dragged and snapped into a road (this is a common mistake in the iD editor).
12017-03-30 13:47:18 UTCseav Did you combine the two separate parts of Polaris together into 1 way? If yes, then you broke the Bel-Air and Poblacion barangay boundary relations.
22017-03-31 03:05:45 UTCPlutocrat Ah, yes, I did that, trying to fix the original problem (part of Polaris and Orion not showing). The ID editor didn't complain.
Thanks for catching it.
32017-03-31 03:16:03 UTCPlutocrat There were some other issues too. Parts of Polaris were marked as generic road, rather than residential, so I was trying to fix those too by joining them together.
42017-03-31 03:43:50 UTCseav 👍
12017-03-19 08:05:23 UTCseav Hi! What is this under-construction bridge? Are there any news reports for this?
12017-03-19 07:57:25 UTCseav Hi. Based on my observation, it seems only the left-turn to C-5 is open. Are you sure that the left-turn to Julia Vargas is also open?
12016-07-06 07:05:26 UTCseav Are you really sure that the ramps at C-5-Bayani got changed?
22016-07-24 02:17:31 UTCseav I've partially reverted this changeset. The C-5-Bayani interchange was correct before.
12016-07-19 04:43:42 UTCseav To which imagery did you realign the objects? Please note that both Bing and Mapbox are misaligned in Alabang.
22017-01-13 08:51:30 UTCTagaSanPedroAko I realigned them using Mapbox Satellite imagery. (Sorry for the late reply)
12016-07-16 05:42:10 UTCseav Are you sure there's a turn restriction here? I've been able to do this turn a few times already.
22016-07-17 08:46:06 UTCseav OK. I saw the no-left-turn sign.

I do think this is a silly move by the LP traffic people. :/
32016-07-18 04:50:10 UTCschadow1 About to reply last weekend regarding this but was not able to get to a computer. Yes the no left turn is silly. My neighbors there are against it. Although it seems the policy is implemented passively and is for PUJs only who wanted to do a short trip. But this only according to hearsay.
12016-04-27 00:14:06 UTCseav Hi! May I ask what project this is? It is not good to remove data from OpenStreetMap especially if the data is correct.

Note that you really shouldn't experiment with OpenStreetMap.
12016-04-16 04:39:36 UTCseav Hi. Please don't connect roads/bridges and waterways/rivers. This is topologically incorrect. Since you are using JOSM, you should be getting a validation error: "node connects waterway and bridge".
22016-04-16 08:24:05 UTCmanings Thanks for fixing @seav.
32016-04-18 14:05:47 UTCLuis36995 Hello seav! Thanks for your feedback!
12016-03-03 14:08:07 UTCianlopez1115 Hi,

You can use Mapbox Satellite to trace buildings in this area. Just click edit and wait for iD to load. Once loaded, press "B" or click on the "stack of books", then click on "Mapbox Satellite".

If you need further assistance in mapping, feel free to send me a ...
22016-03-10 07:24:20 UTCseav Also, please do try to provide correct spellings. "Parich" should be "Parish".
32017-04-16 02:27:22 UTCborrico Hi, I tried to correct spelling of parish. I'm using smartphone to edit. I cannot edit it. How do I correct it? Thanks.
42017-04-16 13:24:57 UTCianlopez1115 1. On your mobile phone browser, go to
2. Log in (it won't ask for your password)
3. Follow instructions at

If you need more help, don't hesitate to send me a PM
12016-02-24 18:57:30 UTCseav Hi zab05,

N. Domingo is already on the map. It seems you just added a duplicate street. May I ask what is the reason for this?

~Eugene (seav)
12016-02-24 18:55:18 UTCseav Hi zab05,

F. Blumentritt is already on the map. It seems you just added a duplicate street. May I ask what is the reason for this?

~Eugene (seav)
12016-02-24 18:53:44 UTCseav Hi zab05,

Hayes is already on the map. It seems you just added a duplicate street. May I ask what is the reason for this?

~Eugene (seav)
12016-01-01 10:10:05 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Looking over other roads with the Primary tag, this would be Trunk rather than Primary, as it is the most important road among the other Primary roads (Quirino Avenue/P. Diego Cera Avenue, CAA Road, Marcos Alvarez Avenue, and Investment Drive and Daang Hari). How it can be Primary. Is it due to the ...
22016-01-02 12:48:25 UTCseav If Alabang-Zapote Road is trunk, then Sucat Road should also be trunk as they are both equal in importance. But 2 trunk roads in southern Metro Manila looks out of place.

In addition, I think trunk roads in metropolitan areas should be longer. Alabang-Zapote Road just connects Alabang to Zapote a...
12015-12-31 15:00:53 UTCseav What exactly are you testing?
22015-12-31 16:17:54 UTCRally I'm testing admin level 11 on neighborhood (looks like nobody has never been used this in PH): if search-able, and how will it be described on nominatim (eg. as village, county or just another administrative boundary?); how is it rendered (visible dotted lines)? Or should barangay be admin_level=9? ...
12015-12-21 16:15:12 UTCseav I was hoping that the municipal waters was modified. Otherwise, we currently have overlapping provincial boundary relations:
12015-11-01 02:05:37 UTCampak Hi, the Surigao - Davao Coastal Road has been classified as a Trunk Road but you changedit recently into a primary road. Could you please enlighten me on the basis of this so that I would also know what to do in my future edits? Thanks!
22015-11-01 23:11:04 UTCseav Hi ampak. No, this is still a trunk road. The map style has been updated and now trunk roads are colored red-orange. Motorways are now deep red, primary roads are now orange, secondary roads are now yellow, and tertiary roads are now wide white roads. Please see the following OSM blog post for the a...
32015-11-01 23:13:36 UTCseav Sorry, yes, it seems that somebody did change the road from trunk to primary.
12015-10-31 06:10:02 UTCseav Note: Eurotel still exists. Dream Hotel is a separate entity (a motel) located behind Eurotel.
12015-10-28 16:21:09 UTCseav Hi! Why did you delete several street names?
12015-10-06 21:32:14 UTCseav I have removed the boundary tags from the Philippines treaty lines and Kalayaan claim lines to prevent confusion with the boundary based on the baseline defined by Republic Act No. 9522.

Based on the the text of the 3 treaties, the treaty lines were not meant to be actual boundaries but rather a ...
22015-10-09 14:17:29 UTCschadow1 How can we present the Kalayaan Group as mentioned on RA9522?
32015-10-09 18:59:28 UTCseav The Kalayaan Island are defined as a "regime of islands" in RA9522. Based on UNCLOS, this means that they automatically get a 12 nautical-mile territorial water, 24 nautical-mile contiguous zone, and a 200 nautical-mile EEZ (but only if the island is capable of sustaining habitation on its...
42015-10-10 12:34:47 UTCschadow1 So do we use UNCLOS or PD 1956 as suggested by RA9522. If UNCLOS should we draw a 12nm territorial waters around Thitu, etc similar to what is on Scarborough?
52015-10-10 21:13:35 UTCseav "Regime of Islands" is from UNCLOS so that is what should be followed[1]. So this is similar to Scarborough Shoal. (However, note that Scarborough Shoal's 12-nm line is wrong. It should only be drawn around the rocks that are above water at high tide, and not around the submerged reef.)
12015-09-27 19:06:51 UTCseav It seems you placed Carabao Island and Limbones Island in Maragondon, and El Fraile Island in Ternate. But these are part of the Corregidor group and are therefore part of Cavite City.
22015-09-27 22:32:07 UTCGero There seem to be different opinions.
At least this map of the Cavite government ( claims Carabao in District VII, but has no claim for Limbones.
The older AMS map (
32015-09-29 20:44:56 UTCseav I'll try to do some research but I agree that there's conflicting information. (Bataan *did* have jurisdiction over Corregidor at some point in the past.) However, I can't easily do the buffer thing you're doing as well as the equidistant lines.
12015-09-20 04:28:15 UTCseav Why did you delete the point for Sterling Bank of Asia? I passed by the area yesterday and I still see the bank.
12015-09-16 19:51:50 UTCseav Hi! Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

It seems that you deleted the point for Starbucks and then added a new point for the same Starbucks. This is not a recommended editing practice. I have deleted the point you added and restored the point you deleted.
12015-09-16 19:44:02 UTCseav Hi! Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

You added a point for Medical City, but the hospital already exists in the map database. Therefore I deleted the point you added.
12015-09-16 19:42:44 UTCseav Hi! Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

You added a parking area based on the name, but you forgot to actually specify that it is a parking area. I have corrected this.
12015-09-16 19:41:16 UTCseav Hi! Welcome to OpenStreetMap. It seems you accidentally moved the points for Cafe Mediterranean and Daja Cafeteria away from Rockwell Business Center. I have changed this back.
12015-09-16 19:40:35 UTCseav Hi! Welcome to OpenStreetMap. It seems you accidentally moved the point for Buon Giorno from the building to the road. I have changed this back.
12015-09-07 21:29:45 UTCseav Hi, you added nodes for barangays Talon Tres, Talon SIngko, Almanza Uno, and Pilar. But these are already in the map, so there is now duplication. So, I have deleted what you have added.
22015-09-07 21:31:44 UTCseav (Also, you placed Talon Singko in the wrong place.)
12015-09-06 01:13:58 UTCseav Hi, you added several buildings and parking lot roads in McKinley Hill. But these building are already in the map and those parking lot roads do not exist anymore because of the Venice Piazza expansion.

I have deleted these things that you have added.
12015-08-23 01:54:25 UTCseav One of the turn restrictions that was added will end up being a no-left-turn from Daang Hari eastbound to Molino Road northbound. Is this correct?
22015-08-27 16:41:57 UTCseav I have fixed the turn restriction such that it is now a no-u-turn instead of a no-left-turn:
12015-08-23 01:51:00 UTCseav SLEX is already marked as int_ref=AH26 (international ref is Asian Highway 26). ref=* should be reserved for the national reference numbers provided by DPWH.
22015-08-27 16:38:59 UTCseav I have removed "AH26" from the ref=* tag:
12015-08-23 01:52:00 UTCseav Is your intention to expand the territory of San Pedro? If so, did you also intend to expand the territory of Muntinlupa?
22015-08-27 16:34:10 UTCseav I have modified Muntinlupa's boundary to the previous shape:
12015-08-27 16:08:18 UTCseav Hi, thank you for your contributions. I do have a couple of issues with them, though.

1. It seems that you deleted an old building polygon and replaced it with a new building polygon for Regina Building. It would be much better to just modify the existing polygon instead of deleting it as some in...
12015-08-27 15:48:49 UTCseav Gen. Trias is not yet a city. The cityhood still needs to be ratified by the residents through a plebiscite. See Section 51 of RA 10675.
22015-08-27 16:37:22 UTCschadow1 Plebiscite is just formality. They would more likely vote for it even if I myself would vote against it. But you are correct, it is not yet a city as of this point.
12015-08-02 17:50:50 UTCseav Why did you delete the buildings? Unless these buildings don't actually exist, they should still be on the map even if they don't have names.
12015-03-25 05:34:12 UTCianlopez1115 As far as I know, "Banco de Oro" ought to be renamed as BDO, since they are branded as such (see ). I'll be dealing with that in a mechanical edit in the near future.
22015-03-25 19:14:34 UTCmalenki You are quite welcome to do so.
Initially I only wanted to remove the Garmin tags but since there were banks named BDO, BDo, Bdo, Banka de Oro, Banca de oro etc I had a go at this names, too.
32015-03-28 01:04:24 UTCseav I second the motion of standardizing on "BDO". We can use official_name="Banco de Oro" for the longer name.
12014-11-18 22:32:31 UTCseav Hi Khym,

Instead of deleting the point, why don't you include the point into the way you are creating? Just move the point to one of the corners then draw the rectangle with the point as one of the corners. Then transfer the tags from the point to the rectangle afterwards.
22014-11-20 00:32:47 UTCKhym Hi Eugene,
Thanks for the suggestion.
Do I need to delete the tags of the original node after I transfer the tags to the new polygon?
32014-11-20 23:34:16 UTCseav Yes, please delete the tags. :)
42014-11-21 01:22:17 UTCKhym Thanks.
There are instances that there are both polygons and nodes on a particular feature. But these polygons do not have the tags the points have. What do we need to do? Copy the tags from the point to the polygon and delete the point after? Or delete the polygon and draw a new one using the poin...
52014-11-22 06:15:30 UTCseav In that case (there is both a point and a polygon already existing), just copy the missing tags to the polygon if there are any and then delete the point.

But, personally, I would merge the node into one of the nodes of the polygon so that the creator of the node is still credited in the existing...
12014-11-18 22:58:09 UTCseav Hi ivet,

Instead of deleting the point, why don't you include the point into the way you are creating? Just move the point to one of the corners then draw the rectangle with the point as one of the corners. Then transfer the tags from the point to the rectangle afterwards.
12014-11-18 22:43:47 UTCseav Hi Aileen,

Instead of deleting the point, why don't you include the point into the way you are creating? Just move the point to one of the corners then draw the rectangle with the point as one of the corners. Then transfer the tags from the point to the rectangle afterwards.
12014-11-02 13:41:51 UTCseav Great job! (test comment)
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