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12017-04-16 12:01:00 UTCcapsa domino
12016-11-08 07:51:53 UTCGOwin changeset revert after user SJDRRMO moved the building to the sea for "testing". see object history.
12016-07-22 01:38:49 UTCGOwin These "viewpoints" are redundant. The street names are already on the map.
12016-06-03 10:13:53 UTChighflyer74 Hello there!

Is the _stn=* Key required, as it does not really fit into the OSM tagging scheme? If yes, you could use ref=* for example. If no, it could be deleted...

All the best!
22016-06-04 01:49:46 UTCGOwin It's not required, but I suggest you don't modify it because we're using them in some hydrants as an example for the exercises.

I am familiar with the ref tag. Thank you.
32016-06-04 08:13:34 UTChighflyer74 You are welcome! Although inventing new keys is not forbidden, it is generally encouraged to use the well established keys primarily to make best use of the database. Happy mapping!
12016-03-06 12:50:11 UTCGOwin This particular user has been noted to have made similar edits in the past. See result of the edits before the revert:
12016-02-09 14:59:46 UTCmaning Lots of untagged nodes here like this:
22016-02-09 15:45:08 UTCmaning Fixed:
12015-12-14 13:28:42 UTCGOwin Asdfghjk
12015-08-30 15:04:25 UTCianlopez1115 Persistent routing error fixed in this changeset:
12015-08-06 06:01:06 UTCTotor Hi GOWin
I added the missing parts from GPS traces.
Happy Mapping,

22015-08-06 06:36:54 UTCGOwin Thanks Totor!
12015-06-24 05:25:32 UTCGOwin "Jollibee" not "Jollibee's"
12015-02-16 13:16:25 UTCGOwin Sorry about the large bbox. Made a correction in another area, while doing another from somewhere else.
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