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12017-10-14 20:42:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo addr:place="<different>"
on more than 10000 objects near this area, all created by you.
22017-10-15 09:06:46 UTCschadow1 OMG! Fixing it now. Probably had an error with JOSM literally tagging them as <different>
32017-10-15 09:19:02 UTCGerdP I think I also did that in the past (but noticed it before uploading), but now I am no longer able to reproduce the problem in JOSM. If you can, please open a ticket for JOSM.
12017-10-04 13:18:06 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello schadow1. Where was this import discussed and where is it documented?
22017-10-04 15:34:03 UTCschadow1 Extracted from under the department of information communications and technology (DICT)
Data from DICT is open data due to Freedom of Information Act enacted under Executive Order 2 of President Duterte of the Philippines.
Tags are fixed to comply with OSM convention.
32017-10-04 15:41:32 UTCHarald Hartmann Have you a link to the license of this dataset?
E.g. in Germany we also have OpenData, but most times it doesn't fit or isn't compatible to the ODbL of OSM!
Some items of your import have `internet_access:status=Planning`, so they aren't just really there, right?
And for the future, do you plan t...
42017-10-04 15:44:22 UTCHarald Hartmann And have you ever read the Import Guidelines?
52017-10-04 20:27:09 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52636831 where the changeset comment is: delete undiscussed access point import
62017-10-05 14:37:47 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Given your import being reverted as undiscussed, please discuss it with the talk-ph mailing list first, per the Import Guidelines ( It is already given that before doing any data import, please discuss it with the local mapping community mailing...
12017-09-28 11:03:19 UTCAnim Mouse Hahahaha
12017-09-22 09:20:45 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello schadow1. At you have used a new (and so far unkown) key `width:lane`. Could it also be `lane:width`?
22017-09-22 10:04:08 UTCschadow1 Got it here. But I misspelled too. Should be "width:lanes" Which is best to use for this matter?
32017-09-22 10:42:32 UTCHarald Hartmann If there's a mention in wiki, then i would use the wiki one ;-) And `width:lanes` has got the most usage at
42017-09-22 11:07:53 UTCschadow1 Gotcha :)
12017-09-21 16:02:42 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Thanks for this mapping efforts, but I don't know whether you have surveyed the Ayala Westgrove area. Given the hash tag "#ValleyFaultSystem" on this edit, that looks like it is part of mapping critical areas surrounding the West Valley Fault. Have you been to Ayala Westgrove before you ma...
22017-09-22 07:56:13 UTCschadow1 Ito po ay para sa research na ito na kakatapos ko lang mailathala
12017-08-30 14:23:25 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Mmm, bakit naging magulo yung pagkakamali ng J.M. Loyola sa Carmona? Minapa ko uli ang isang parte non.
22017-08-31 01:44:01 UTCschadow1 Nilagyan ko lang ng ref relation ang N65. Walang ibang binago bukod doon. Anong mali ang iyong napansin?
32017-08-31 06:51:07 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Kung naggawa ka ng relation para sa Governor's Drive, ba't biglang magugulo yung parte ng J.M. Loyola? Baka nang inupload mo yung mga edit mo dito, baka magulo yon ng biglaan. Posibleng nakorap yon, kaya nagulo yung unang maayos na pagkakamapa.
12017-07-07 00:33:46 UTCGOwin The undocumented tag "townhall:type:ph" is redundant. The local convention is simply to tag these buildings as townhall:type=village
12017-04-18 04:52:54 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Found our that "imeeperezveedor" is working at Batangas City's City Planning and Development Office, and make her aware of her mapping activity. Thanks for cleaning up the data, but please view the buildings history touched by her edits, find the previous name before it was changed (does n...
22017-04-18 05:30:01 UTCschadow1 I dont have any contacts in Batangas City LGU and was not able to meet them personally, so I guess the only way to contact the editor is through the discussion field.
I'm currently working on a way to automate the fix as we speak. My previous automation only singled out those that have a name and l...
32017-04-18 06:25:46 UTCschadow1 should be fixed now. found about 7 buildings with valid names in history and reverted them.
12017-02-21 11:03:04 UTCtyr_asd Hi. What's the point of those addr:street=<different> tags?

Also: why bother putting on address information without an identifier such as a house number? Wouldn't it make more sense to map the postcode areas and cities as administrative boundaries?
22017-02-22 02:55:27 UTCschadow1 Thanks for reminding. Tagged the addr:street in error.
As for the admin boundaries and address tags, yes, both make sense. The problem is the Philippine government is not yet releasing admin boundaries data with compatible license to OSM. Those available are still based on survey and estimations.
32017-02-22 03:01:10 UTCschadow1
12016-12-20 08:45:14 UTCmaning Hi Ervin, yun ba talga ang mga pangalan ng mga sandbar?
22016-12-20 10:48:52 UTCschadow1 Kapitan Andong of Poblacion 4 in Balabac offered to name some unnamed sandbars to the owners of the first tour operator that helped develop the tourism industry in their locality and has been used since last year. Recently he also offered one to us for mapping their islets and replacing some of the ...
12016-09-25 16:32:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found the tag "addir:province" on many of your buildings. There is a spelling mistake ("addr:...") which should be corrected.

Cheers, Jan
22016-09-26 03:05:09 UTCschadow1 thanks for notifying. typo. fixed now
12016-07-16 05:42:10 UTCseav Are you sure there's a turn restriction here? I've been able to do this turn a few times already.
22016-07-17 08:46:06 UTCseav OK. I saw the no-left-turn sign.

I do think this is a silly move by the LP traffic people. :/
32016-07-18 04:50:10 UTCschadow1 About to reply last weekend regarding this but was not able to get to a computer. Yes the no left turn is silly. My neighbors there are against it. Although it seems the policy is implemented passively and is for PUJs only who wanted to do a short trip. But this only according to hearsay.
12016-06-26 22:46:59 UTCd1754 Somebody had deleted the Ayala Mall Serin Diversion Road and placed houses there that were already demolished. Please advice those people partIicipating on your #ProjectNOAH-ISAIAH not to delete anything because the BING MAP being used is to old. Please compare it to the GOOGLE EARTH before digiti...
22016-06-27 01:11:50 UTCschadow1 1) Please specify the specific changeset that deleted the "Ayala Mall Serin Diversion Road" so we can address the specific issue
2) Digitizing from Google Earth is not allowed in OSM due to incompatible license
12016-05-29 12:28:16 UTCCloCkWeRX I'm guessing from strava user reports this (w247960495) is now built?
12015-08-27 15:48:49 UTCseav Gen. Trias is not yet a city. The cityhood still needs to be ratified by the residents through a plebiscite. See Section 51 of RA 10675.
22015-08-27 16:37:22 UTCschadow1 Plebiscite is just formality. They would more likely vote for it even if I myself would vote against it. But you are correct, it is not yet a city as of this point.
12014-12-10 16:12:19 UTCwoodpeck You have accidentally classed the Philippine Continental Shelf EEZ as an "administrative boundary" leading to it showing on the map. This is undesirable and creates tension with other mappers in the region. I have changed it to a maritime boundary.
22014-12-11 03:53:17 UTCschadow1 this is noted. thanks
12014-12-11 02:41:14 UTCAlexLazaro Coloured Dreams Realty (CDR) is fruition of hardwork and perseverance of a couple who want to make a contribution and uphold integrity and professionalism in real estate industry.
12014-11-09 11:50:04 UTCianlopez1115 Good job on updating the area
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