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12017-04-20 22:07:32 UTCYorvik Prestigitator You've not added Jupiter to the UofY Solar System relation
12016-10-15 14:55:29 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I thought your tag of flood_prone was quite appropriate for the ings
22016-10-15 20:35:54 UTCskgrange Hello. I agree. I made the change because the MapBox services were rendering the Ings as water. So it is a work-around. I can revert the change if desired.
32016-10-15 22:04:38 UTCSomeoneElse Sounds like a bug with Mapbox's rendering to me (although over the next 6 months or so it'll be likely as wrong as right!).
12016-03-20 12:18:19 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, The Ridgeway is the name of a route, and should not be added as the name of a highway (path).

12015-11-05 12:47:38 UTCВладимир К wrong opening_hours tag. You entered it twice "opening_hours=opening_hours=Mo-Su 11:30-20:00", but should only "opening_hours=Mo-Su 11:30-20:00". Please, read the wiki . OSM works with key=value, and there opening_hours is the ...
12015-09-09 21:54:05 UTCSocks Hi - I'm just looking at Iffley Lock. This was already in OSM ( but now there's a new way with some additional tags ( Did you mean to double this up, or is it an accident that needs correcting?

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