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12018-05-07 00:10:23 UTCjidanni Please see
12017-12-06 14:53:02 UTCsimonap_telenav Hi,
I've noticed you added several turn restrictions on this way but I couldn't see any sign for them on OpenStreetCam or Mapillary. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I know,the purpose of the center lane( tagged as lanes:both_ways) is for drivers to make left turn where you added those restrictions....
22017-12-07 04:24:21 UTCIqhra hey,
Thanks for bringing it to my notice, I'll look into it and fix that if needed.
12017-11-23 13:26:19 UTCcarciofo Hi, it looks like one of your teammates at Mapbox added this turning restriction at the same time, which resulted in the southbound A1A way being duplicated (i.e. two overlapping ways). Kindly coordinate and fix (crossref Thanks
22017-12-04 04:07:23 UTCIqhra Hey, thanks for bringing this into notice. I went ahead and fixed the duplicated ways and the duplicate turn restriction.

12017-11-23 14:20:48 UTCcarciofo Seems like your colleagues from Mapbox edited this place at the same time and resulted in not only duplicate turn restrictions, but duplicated ways as well. Please fix the relation and overlapping ways on NW 22nd St @ NW 67th Ave. Thanks (cross ref
22017-12-04 04:04:51 UTCIqhra Hey, thanks for bringing this into notice. I went ahead and fixed the duplicated ways and the duplicate turn restriction.
12017-11-23 13:53:26 UTCcarciofo Hi, this changeset among man others from your colleagues at Mapbox adds duplicated/overlapping roads. Here, West Dixie Hwy was duplicated so that two overlapping ways exist. Kindly fix. Thanks. PS: Since many instances of the same error have been popping up for Oct 23/24, I'm guessing this was at a ...
22017-11-24 09:55:01 UTCIqhra hey, we have fixed the issue. It was not a hackathon. We observed that it happened because several members has been working on the same road and this caused the issue. We fixed most of the issues around the same time, but missed a few. Thanks for bringing it into notice.
12017-09-22 11:21:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you give some details on this restriction? "except = Transit vehicle" is not a common tag, and there is a stray ':' in 'restriction'.
Who is allowed to turn here?

22017-09-29 11:27:14 UTCIqhra Hi Jan,
Thanks for getting back I have been adding the restriction using street level imagery and the board below is stating that it is not allowed to take u turn except transit vehicles. So I went ahead and tagged them following what I see what I map. It would be great if local knowledge mappers...
32017-09-29 11:49:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
thanks for replying. That is 'transit' as in 'public transit'? (Sorry, I'm not from the US and don't know terminology..). That would be "except = bus", which is buses used in public transit, but not coaches.
42017-10-01 07:43:06 UTCIqhra Hi,
Thanks for getting back. I tagged it based on the sign board i see in the street level imagery ( even I am not form US). It would be great if you can go ahead and make changes as per your knowledge if it needs any correction.
12017-09-27 15:30:48 UTCpiligab Hi Iqhra
I noticed that you added no_left_turn (, but I think you confused, this TR not corresponding in this street.
22017-09-28 04:02:01 UTCIqhra Hi pilar,
Thanks for notifying me. I have checked and removed the TR.
12017-09-26 20:47:02 UTCpiligab Hi Iqhra.
In this case you added TR(no_left), I searched with Mapillary, OpenStreetCam, but I didn't find any image tha indicated there is a no_left.
Could you please explain which image you used for add this TR?
Thank you.
22017-09-27 08:48:56 UTCIqhra Hey Pilar,
The TR(no_left) was added at the wrong place as I didn't Interpret it correctly!! I went ahead and removed it. Thank you for notifying me.
12017-08-03 19:54:49 UTCneuhausr Hi, it looks like you've uploaded some duplicate data between this changeset and changeset 50620937. Can you take a look please?
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