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12018-08-08 05:09:08 UTCPelleV Hi, it is not possible to reach the petrol station from D69 going North-West anymore. I will change separately :)
22018-08-08 15:16:46 UTCRed_Ranger Perfect! Thank you for doing that!
12018-08-04 09:45:58 UTCPelleV Also all wrong. Please revert.
22018-08-06 18:15:00 UTCRed_Ranger I reverted my edits. I will make sure to do better research before I make changes to data other people added. Sorry for my mistake.
12018-08-06 16:02:32 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Red_Ranger,
All of your changeset comments seem to be just "Updated the alignment" which isn't very helpful. Can you try and explain a bit more on what sources were used (just imagery, or was there a survey as well, and if so when?) and what sorts of changes you were making?
We (a...
22018-08-06 16:54:31 UTCRed_Ranger Yes, I can explain my edits more in my changeset comments going forward. In UAE, the Kaart team did a ground survey, and I used up-to-date Digital Globe Premium that matched our GPS traces and ground survey imagery.
32018-08-06 17:12:18 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks. When was the survey?
42018-08-06 17:20:56 UTCRed_Ranger It was in February and June of 2017.
12018-08-04 09:44:34 UTCPelleV This is ALL WRONG, please revert.
12018-07-26 11:17:38 UTCandi9876 Hm, I guess inside Phnom Penh better no trunk.
22018-07-27 09:37:54 UTCandi9876 Note: Navigation systems will show a wrong time calculation.
32018-07-27 13:27:39 UTCandi9876 maxspeed=40 added
12018-07-25 18:31:00 UTCandi9876 Dear, this Blvd. is 60 meter wide, no trunk?
22018-07-26 17:39:44 UTCRed_Ranger The road is important because it connects NH1 and NH2 but it isn't more significant as NH2 in terms of routing so I made it primary.
32018-07-27 09:31:37 UTCandi9876 Note: Hun Sen Blvd. and NH2 are very different for the time calculation of navigation systems. This Blvd. is almost like a motorway.
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