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12017-12-29 09:59:02 UTCchachafish Rexma423, in this changeset it appears you have deleted approximately 30 buildings, which were complete with addresses This represents a lot of work that must now be redone. Please be careful when deleting another user's work. The imagery you are using is old and not the latest satellite imagery. Th...
22018-04-11 02:56:38 UTCRexma423 Sorry about that.
32018-04-13 15:40:41 UTCchachafish No problem. It's been corrected.
12017-10-15 23:34:11 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Rexma423, and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
The change that you've made here covers quite a large geographical area and that makes it difficult for people in one area to see just the things that affect them in their area. If you put different edits in different areas in different changesets then...
22017-10-15 23:43:42 UTCRexma423 Sorry about that, next time i'll be more specific.
32017-10-16 07:28:09 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks
42018-04-11 23:17:55 UTCRexma423 You're welcome SomeoneElse.
12018-02-24 02:17:33 UTCgrouper Hi Remax, thanks for your updates in the Stuart area. I think you are over-using service=parking_aisle. For example, the service road loop around the mall is not a parking_aisle.
22018-04-11 02:57:25 UTCRexma423 Thanks, I understand now.
32018-04-11 02:59:28 UTCRexma423 Thanks a lot, grupero.
42018-04-11 13:46:49 UTCgrouper I see what you you did with that, that's funny. I guess my dexlexia was kickin in.
12017-11-13 09:43:39 UTCNakaner Hi Rexma423,

why did you add military=nuclear_explosion_site to the ways representing the area of the craters? There are already nodes which represent the explosion, e.g.

landuse=military is also not necessary because the whole area around is tagge...
22017-11-17 03:33:12 UTCRexma423 But Nuclear Craters are not natural so they are Nuclear Explosion Sites so it only makes sense to put them as Nuclear Sites and not natural craters that formed with the Earth.
32017-11-17 03:34:33 UTCRexma423 I know they have a node that represents that, but i'm just trying to be correct because they are man made nuclear craters. If you want to change it, feel free, but I don't think that you should.
42017-11-22 05:01:14 UTCRexma423 Also for your comment on the whole area as being tagged as military, you can still see the craters through the already visible Nevada Test Area Military Zone.
52018-02-19 01:15:05 UTCRexma423 And just because something doesn't look good isn't a valid reason to change it, if it is correct, which my changing of the "natural" craters to the correct nuclear explosion sites.
62018-04-11 03:00:56 UTCRexma423 Ever gonna answer me, buddy? Or did you read and agree with my statements? I would really like to hear!
12017-11-28 16:00:07 UTCSK53 Im sorry but I have to revert much of this. This is not a building named OSMF it is a private residence, which happens, for historical reasons to be the registered address for official correspondence.
12017-11-27 09:05:58 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I've removed the wikipedia tag you added here because the wikipedia page for an abstract concept ("null island") isn't relevant to a physical buoy floating in the ocean.
Best Regards,
22017-11-28 01:57:04 UTCRexma423 I would disagree with you but do whatever you want.
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