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12017-04-18 11:57:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As explained previously (see ) Bing imagery may be out of date or offset. Can you explain what steps that you took here and in your other changesets in order ensure that this was not a problem?
Best Regards,
22017-04-19 01:28:26 UTCKate Diaz Hi Andy,
Thanks for the comment. Do you have any resources that indicate that Bing is offset here or that the island has changed?
I believe that the island now better reflects reality due to my edits and that these changes improve the map incre...
32017-04-19 03:13:47 UTCTheSwavu Bing imagery in this area is off by 4 to 5 m.
42017-04-19 07:39:54 UTCSomeoneElse Re "resources that indicate that Bing is offset here" I'd offer "experience".
Various things can be used to determine a Bing offset - underlying GPS traces and other imagery layers among them. I've certainly used the AGRI imagery together with GPS traces (my own and others) in ...
12017-04-15 14:52:42 UTCapm-wa The Bing imagery is about five years out of date. You have not "fixed" the buildings; you have restored buildings that were torn down about three years ago. Please refrain from doing this. There is more up-to-date imagery available for Ashgabat at
22017-04-18 00:47:20 UTCKate Diaz My apologies for these edits in Ashgabat. If I edit in the city again I will use that imagery and consult with you before doing anything. Please point me to anything in particular that I can fix (using the word properly this time, with the newer imagery).
12017-04-17 07:13:42 UTCapm-wa Please do not remove streets that I have drawn based on updated imagery and current GPS traces I have personally collected. You are using obsolete Bing imagery that is five years old and useless for much of Ashgabat.
12017-04-15 15:10:36 UTCapm-wa You did not FIX this building as this building was torn down last year and replaced with a new one. The Bing imagery is obsolete. Please do not use the Bing imagery to "correct" the map!
12017-03-28 22:07:47 UTCwoodpeck You have moved the nodes making up this island but neither Bing nor Mapbox imagery actually are good enough to even see that island. Your source specification ("Bing") must have been a mistake. Can you clarify your source? Have you made this edit ...
22017-03-30 02:22:06 UTCKate Diaz You are right, I should not have moved the nodes making up that island. It is simply not visible in Bing or Mapbox. Please observe that I made these edits 6 days ago, and since then I have avoided making similar edits when no imagery is available. I certainly won’t any more. I am finding these...
12017-02-19 08:41:24 UTCGS25 Hi there. You didn't really fix this. I am a local mapper and this building was already properly mapped. You extended the building outline to another building that is in front of it. It's hard to see from the aerials. Please be careful with armchair mapping.
12016-12-27 12:19:18 UTCAthalis Hi, it looks like you used Bing imagery and therefore mistakenly used for the buildings shape a tree. All data in this area is based on newer imagery from the HOT project

I squared the building in but thanks for...
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