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12016-05-30 14:46:21 UTCgormo Hi, is there a discussion of your large-scale edits? Although your edits are probably not harmful, prior discussion is necessary (see ). Using JOSM and doing find/replace large scale is considered mechanical editing!
22016-05-30 14:55:53 UTCRicoZ I am always trying to contact the individual authors whose data I am changing by private message and work in small chunks - however in this one case I have accidentaly uploaded too much at once. I am pretty sure that I have contacted most of the affected contributors though.
32016-05-30 14:58:08 UTCgormo thanks for the clarification.
42016-05-30 15:01:32 UTCRicoZ Thanks for having an eye on it, I am also making mistakes often enough.
52017-05-09 20:58:04 UTCletihu Diesen Wasserweg
kann ich auf dem Luftbild nicht sehen. Er kreuzt auch Wege und Gebäude. Vielleicht fehlt "Tunnel" und "Layer -1"
62017-05-10 11:17:28 UTCRicoZ Habe es geändert und vorsichtshalber den OC angeschrieben.
12017-04-18 12:44:16 UTCletihu Dieser Wasserweg
geht vielleicht nicht direkt durch dieses
Haus ;-) Vielleicht kennst Du den richtigen Verlauf.
Wenn Du schon dabei bist, die Straßenquerung mit dem Wasser
22017-04-19 15:31:01 UTCRicoZ Bin leider auch nicht von dort, habe es jetzt so verschoben wie es mit Bing aussieht aber im Zweifelsfall lasse ich lieber einen offensichtlichen Fehler drinstehen als einen gut versteckten.

Irgednwie passt auch die "Flussrichtung" vom Flutgraben und dem verbundenen ditch nicht gut zus...
12016-09-26 22:45:45 UTCgeodreieck4711 seems to be a senseless mass- or mechanical edit.....
22016-09-27 07:57:08 UTCMKnight should be revertet too...
12016-09-26 22:49:18 UTCgeodreieck4711 mechanical edit???
(layer= -1 removed)
22016-09-27 07:43:59 UTCMKnight should be reverted...
12016-06-05 07:29:31 UTCPT-53 Nach Deiner Bearbeitung meldet keep right jetzt diesen Fehler:
Würdest Du bitte das erledigen !
22016-06-05 09:33:21 UTCRicoZ Aber gerne, weißt Du zufällig ob an der Stelle ein Culvert, eine Brücke oder ein Ford ist?

Übrigens bin ich nicht der "Verursacher" wie in Deinem dem Keepright Kommentar vermerkt und es ist auch nicht ein "Fehler" sondern eine Warnung.
32016-06-05 10:12:53 UTCRicoZ war ausnahmsweise auf Bing unübersehbar eindeutig, keine Mühe machen.
12016-06-03 22:24:14 UTCRicoZ sorry.. wrong changeset comment leftover from an earlier changeset. I was doing some local fixes here.
12016-06-03 22:24:09 UTCRicoZ sorry.. wrong changeset comment leftover from an earlier changeset. I was doing some local fixes here.
12016-05-31 12:46:57 UTCwoodpeck I would appreciate it if you could use more precise changeset comments. I can see from the changeset that you edited a waterway but what exactly are you "fixing" (and, preferably, why - as you probably know, we do not usually start retagging everything just because the consensus on taggin...
22016-05-31 13:12:20 UTCRicoZ In this changeset I tried to fix JOSM warnings where the river crosses the lake shore and dam.

Btw I do try to contact the main contributors when I am doing larger scale retagging.
12015-09-06 13:24:52 UTCMateusz Konieczny Invalid data should not be kept as "example for wiki"

Just copy tags, list them and make screenshot.
22015-09-06 13:41:41 UTCRicoZ there must be a way how to link a specific version of an object but I can't see it - can you help?

Btw besides fixing this one bridge I have intended to contact the author of the unlucky mechanical edit causing this because there are a few thousands of bridges with layer=-1 in Italy. It is surpri...
32015-09-06 14:54:56 UTCMateusz Konieczny "there must be a way how to link a specific version of an object but I can't see it - can you help?"

In that case it would be (note that map rendering is for current...
42015-09-06 14:56:05 UTCMateusz Konieczny or simply
52015-09-06 16:02:37 UTCRicoZ thanks. I was also looking at but does not seem to have the possibility to link a specific version directly.

So the overpass query seems like the only way to get a stable pointer.
62015-09-06 16:36:42 UTCMateusz Konieczny Such feature may be (or already is) requested at
72015-09-06 16:48:42 UTCRicoZ Indeed, it has been requested already -
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