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12017-09-29 05:28:45 UTCTheSwavu Would be better to use the note key. The description key is really just for SEO spam (or at least that's what 99+% of the use appears to be).
12017-09-02 11:37:38 UTCaharvey I don't understand why was added back in, did they temporarily reopen this northbound section, it seems very strange to me that they would.

I deleted the northbound road in 6 months ago but it's been added b...
22017-09-07 05:56:51 UTCCloCkWeRX No probs, it was just a quick survey on my part from a moving taxi; plus referring to LPI imagery after. If you've looked at it more recently happy to roll with that.
32017-09-07 07:00:18 UTCaharvey Thanks for replying. I looked at it both just recently and about a year ago. Things change and imagery get's outdated. I know how easy it is to think it represents reality but it's not always the case.
42017-09-11 03:49:25 UTCaharvey Compare current (was like that at least for the last 6 months) to historic
12017-06-18 23:55:49 UTCWarin61 Humm looses a lot because there are no heights . so the tower gains nothing over the rest of the building.
The building:part ... that needs a building=* to sit in .. I have made the outline as a building=church way and then have the tower as a way with building:part=tower ... no multipoygon relati...
22017-06-19 02:56:37 UTCCloCkWeRX Yeah, happy with that, just don't ask me to ride out and survey it again!
12017-05-18 03:53:15 UTCQwertii I was wondering when this would happen, the data is months out of date so I can't see the latest nodes :S

Also I noticed you marked male, female and unisex all as no. Shouldn't one be yes?
22017-05-18 04:15:05 UTCCloCkWeRX All fixed re attributes.

All good re the duplicates, I added the other one from survey like... 1-2 weeks ago max? I reckon it'll be pretty rare it crops up
12017-05-09 11:50:28 UTCQwertii Should the website be the site root instead of the individual stores page? When a user clicks to see the website the probably want to see the stores products and similar as they already have the contact info and location from OSM.
22017-05-11 13:59:51 UTCCloCkWeRX I've tended to err for the webpage most directly describing a specific physical location; ie so you can find contact details or hours.
12017-03-17 03:18:20 UTCCloCkWeRX I swapped some of these to 'farmland' (more for the paddocks and similar), as opposed to farmyard (the bit nearer the houses, usually with a shed or two that is bigger than a typical backyard)
12017-02-11 03:30:09 UTCTheSwavu I'm going to go out on a limb here but I'm not sure that the carriageways of Port Road cross over. Unless, of course, this is some sort of SA specific traffic calming ;-)
22017-02-12 10:09:06 UTCCloCkWeRX New thing we are trialling here - Car Gladiators. Two drive in, one drives out!

Its weirdly shaped, because they've dug a bit hole where the northmost lane used to be and put the traffic right next to the other lane - previously separated by a wide median.

I've tweaked the two not to intersect...
12017-02-07 07:45:49 UTCQwertii Woah, how did you add so much so fast?
12016-10-15 13:36:12 UTCtrigpoint Are you absolutely certain about this?
Have you been there and checked? Did this Strava user send you a photo?

Firstly a missing unclassified road in the Midlands has alarm bells ringing, there is as much chance of finding Elvis selling fruit and veg on Leicester Market.
So did you check the av...
22016-10-16 15:11:08 UTCRichard Geograph photos:
32016-10-16 16:28:12 UTCtrigpoint I have changed this to a track
42016-10-16 21:07:12 UTCCloCkWeRX Thanks, that seems a more appropriate modelling
12016-06-14 10:56:34 UTCHugo André Sousa Yes. It still's under construction.
Part of it is constructed, the other is not.
The road is blocked.
22016-06-14 23:05:46 UTCCloCkWeRX Yeah - I split the bits that were physically finished and visible in imagery off from the stuff that wasn't, changeset comment was perhaps a bit broad
12016-06-05 19:21:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to have created an isolated way which is going to show up as a problem on QA tools.
What was the source of this service road and should it not be connected to something?
12016-01-14 14:03:06 UTCSomeoneElse What was the routing problem that was previous reported? You've changed 2 derelict_canal ways only here; I can't see how that should affect routing?
22016-01-16 08:22:43 UTCCloCkWeRX The path was intersecting the waterway; but there was clearly not a bridge etc.

I split the waterway either side of the bike path to better reflect was is on the ground/apparent from GPS traces, and satellite imagery.

Given that the canal itself is filled in; I don't think it should be mapped...
32016-01-16 13:46:42 UTCSomeoneElse What is the problem with a path intersecting with a derelict_canal? I can think of several examples locally to me (just a bit north of here) where that happens, where the canal is still very much visible as a derelict_canal but a path crosses it or even runs along it.

Did you try asking the prev...
42016-01-16 14:52:11 UTCCloCkWeRX Feel free to revert/model it better if you have on the ground observations that are more accurate than the GPS traces and satellite imagery; however *even the original way had it documented that it had been filled in*.

Routers really shouldn't direct riders through derelict canals without some k...
12015-10-25 08:37:02 UTCGerdP please review:
highway=bump on node 2309010300
which is not connected to a highway.
What is meant?
22015-11-19 10:22:14 UTCGerdP Ive removed that node now.
32015-11-22 04:01:40 UTCCloCkWeRX That was a speed bump; should have been traffic_calming=bump
42015-11-22 07:51:02 UTCGerdP thanks for the feedback.
Do you remember the road ?
The bump was mapped close to the middle of the roundabout, in that case I see no need to map a bump.
Bing seems to show another obstacle
~20m north of the node, maybe this was meant?
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