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Actually it was just a change of the position of the items
commented 2018-03-23 22:10:40 UTC by Pawelsberg
Poplar Vets
(Discussed changesets: 2)
Hi, I had made all the necessary adjustments for you, your further editing resulted in two POI.

I have removed the duplicate POI so all is now as it should be. No further editing is needed.

Regards Bernard
commented 2018-03-23 20:00:35 UTC by BCNorwich
Poplar Vets
(Discussed changesets: 2)
Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
You inadvertently added your vets data to the whole building.
No problem though I've made a POI for the vets. I made amendments to your data so that it conforms with OSM best practice.
I hope this is OK.
commented 2018-03-23 19:46:55 UTC by BCNorwich
(Discussed changesets: 5)
@ndm I've set "bicycles=dismount" I didn't know that was an option, and it seems to be a good fit to the situation. I'll try to remember to keep an eye on Strava; I have no idea how often they update but I'll certainly report any bugs to t...
commented 2018-03-23 19:15:26 UTC by ChrisHodgesUK
Pete Owens
(Discussed changesets: 12)
Hi Pete, you seem to be adding speed limits over quite a wide area and am wondering what source you are using.
Also I notice that several people, myself included, have commented on your changesets but you have yet to respond.
Cheers Phil
commented 2018-03-23 18:55:34 UTC by trigpoint
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for adding these footpaths but you have made a classic beginner error of using the name tag for things that are not names or signed on the ground. But we do have a tag for such things, Eccleshall 84 and such should be pu...
commented 2018-03-22 20:49:21 UTC by trigpoint
Nick Glencross
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Hello. I've removed the tags, which is probably best.
(It's probably one way, but that is probably also confirmed with local knowledge)
commented 2018-03-22 20:46:00 UTC by Nick Glencross
Pete Owens
(Discussed changesets: 12)
Hi Pete,

Cycling is prohibited on motorways by default and this is implicit in the OSM tagging, so bicycle=no tags are superfluous on motorways. Similarly, in the UK, cycling is permitted on A-roads roads and, again, this is implicit in the OSM ta...
commented 2018-03-22 19:46:05 UTC by ACS1986
International Circus Stardust Entertainment
(Discussed changesets: 1)
OpenStreetMap isn't a business directory - as Bernard said, it's designed for things that are geographically verifiable. For example, the Moorfields Eye Hospital is verifiable by anyone (there are lots of signs for it) but if you've just got a ...
commented 2018-03-22 19:04:22 UTC by SomeoneElse
(Discussed changesets: 8)
Hi Eran
Thank you but how will you do that? What sources are you using?

Thanks Phil
commented 2018-03-22 15:51:08 UTC by trigpoint
(Discussed changesets: 8)
Hi Eran
Without going and having a look there is no way to know what the purpose of this gate is, there is unfortunately no available. My guess is that it is to prevent it being used as rat run so possibly motor_vehicle=pri...
commented 2018-03-22 15:48:55 UTC by trigpoint
(Discussed changesets: 8)
Hello Derick,
Since when driving through this intersection one actually drives in a circular route, I thought a roundabout would better represent the reality. After re-reading the mini roundabout page I understand better the importance of this tag.\...
commented 2018-03-22 15:31:30 UTC by erantr1
(Discussed changesets: 1)
A few (6 or so) locked gates that bikes had to be carried over.
commented 2018-03-22 11:40:54 UTC by martynonline
(Discussed changesets: 4)
could you check this school? The tag "ks" looks like a mistake.

commented 2018-03-22 10:53:14 UTC by mueschel
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Thank you Bernard
commented 2018-03-21 20:40:09 UTC by ruskiny
(Discussed changesets: 27)
Thanks for noticing, I somehow missed that. Fixed in
commented 2018-03-21 17:55:52 UTC by lakedistrict
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
The school was tagged as disused, (on school boundary tags).
I've tagged the school to current OSM best practice, placing the feature and address tags on the perimeter of the school grounds. Please see :- https:/...
commented 2018-03-21 07:21:08 UTC by BCNorwich
(Discussed changesets: 1)
No problem, I don't usually have the time to do a full survey but I'm filling in details and updating features from memory when I notice them. :)
commented 2018-03-20 21:51:13 UTC by matt_twam_asi
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Hi jonwil28, thanks for your edits in Cumbria. You've added a name to the map but not tagged what it actually is. Bike shop, hire, factory or something else? :)
commented 2018-03-20 20:31:08 UTC by lakedistrict
(Discussed changesets: 9)
Probably best mapping the B&B as a node, separate to the farmyard: -and it should be tourism=guest_house instead :)
Also, do you know the surface for ?
commented 2018-03-19 23:21:32 UTC by GinaroZ
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Nope you're right, must've accidentally added the "e" out of habit, I'll correct it now
commented 2018-03-19 21:58:43 UTC by Yahiroz
(Discussed changesets: 33)
Thanks for indicating. The plans were indeed old then. I added the third way.
commented 2018-03-19 11:19:47 UTC by Weltstaat
Sergiu Chitoroaga
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
The shelter you added to the OSM live worldwide database looks like it might be fiction. I doubt if the transport authority would want tourists in the middle of a roundabout nor would they allow building of a shel...
commented 2018-03-19 07:45:52 UTC by BCNorwich
(Discussed changesets: 8)
Hello Tom, I'm sure those fences do not go through those houses. Thus the mapping is incorrect.
It's very easy to map the fences each side of the buildings, and even better to terrace the buildings. Then the the fences can more accurately be aligned...
commented 2018-03-18 08:31:25 UTC by BCNorwich
(Discussed changesets: 6)
Should the cuisine=american tag have been removed maybe?
commented 2018-03-17 21:14:24 UTC by Borbus
(Discussed changesets: 19)
commented 2018-03-17 20:20:32 UTC by ndm
(Discussed changesets: 3)
Oh cheers I'll bear that one in mind for the future. Feel free to fix up any mistakes I make and I'm always happy to get a bit of feedback :)
commented 2018-03-17 18:49:35 UTC by bmaster
Freedom Wheelchair Skills
(Discussed changesets: 2)
Hi, I added your wheelchair info to the pub POI. Regards
commented 2018-03-17 09:34:54 UTC by BCNorwich