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12017-03-07 22:38:12 UTCIt's so funny Question for this change of the motorway_junction node. You tag everything for a router in a navigation device like OSMAND. For example turn:lanes, destinations etc. That's very good, because it helps a cardriver getting the relevant information. But that router (and thus the cardriver) also needs t...
22017-03-14 22:00:21 UTCIt's so funny Now that we have had a good discussion leading to a solution at Kreuz Köln-Süd, could you please apply that mapping approach to Kreuz Rheinböllen? Cherio, Johan
32017-03-15 15:17:34 UTChsimpson Hi, I don't see the problem on thios one. What do you want to change?
42017-03-15 18:45:26 UTCIt's so funny Just entered my changes (nodes at correct position + change:lanes). Let me know if I can help you on other motorways!
12017-03-05 23:13:12 UTCIt's so funny Last august you moved the motorway_junction node of the A4 towards A555 by 100 meters. What was the reason to do that (eg a forum discussion)?
22017-03-05 23:21:01 UTChsimpson Hi,I changed the old and wrong lane-mapping by mapping all lanes in one road using the :lanes- tags. Because of this, the junction moved to the place, where the road actually splits. As far as I know, this is the way, a junction should be mapped. I hope I could help you with this explanation and it ...
32017-03-06 18:09:40 UTCIt's so funny Common in OSM is to set the motorway_junction node (just) before the legal barrier. You can check this out:

1. throughout Europe
3. http://wiki.openstreet...
42017-03-06 18:17:20 UTChsimpson "The tags belong on the node shared by the motorway_link exit way and the through carriageway/through lanes of the motorway/freeway itself."

This is a quote from your Link:

I think there is no better way to describe the position of...
52017-03-06 22:43:58 UTCIt's so funny The quote you refer to does not mention anything about the positioning of the motorway exit node. Image 2 on that page does. So IMHO your tagging is not correct. It's better to broaden the discussion:
62017-03-06 22:49:23 UTChsimpson “Add a highway=motorway_junction tag at each node Node along a highway with named or numbered junctions where a driver can legally exit, onto a highway=motorway_link, highway=trunk_link or other road class. >>This node should be positioned as the last point before the splay at which it is still po...
72017-03-06 23:10:49 UTCIt's so funny That's the correct text: 'where a driver can legally exit'. It's not legally allowed (nowhere in Europe as far as I know) to cross a solid line.
82017-03-06 23:46:52 UTCPolarbear Haven't checked the node (which?) yet, however I'd also prefer to have the split at the physical separation and not the legal separation.
As the wiki talk page shows, that seems to be controversial, though.
92017-03-07 22:50:54 UTChsimpson Hi, since i'm currently working on my bachelorthesis, I'm not able to answer everyone of your comments in every of my changesets. In a few weeks, I will have more time to discuss this problem, but until then I want to state two points:
1) I think my way of tagging is way more better than the lane-...
102017-03-08 00:07:36 UTCkreuzschnabel I agree with hsimpson. Exit lanes are never mapped as separate ways but tagged using turn:lanes=*.
112017-03-08 07:08:42 UTCIt's so funny Kreuzschnabel, have you ever used a PND in a car on a motorway?
122017-03-08 07:36:55 UTCkreuzschnabel Sure, regularly for years. And I am regularly irritated when the device advises me to "turn right now" when the actual turn is still hundreds of meters ahead.
132017-03-08 07:41:01 UTCkreuzschnabel The problem with lane mapping is that the PND will tell you „go straight ahead“ as soon as it localized you within the correct lane (or "way" in its own image of the world, thinking you’re on an isolated carriageway now), meaning "follow this way". This is irritating for users since it might a...
142017-03-08 08:05:07 UTCIt's so funny Let's assume that the PND tells you to take the exit to Köln in 600 meters. What does that mean to you as a cardriver?
152017-03-08 08:40:40 UTCkreuzschnabel That means to me that the ramp to Köln will branch off the main road in 600 metres, and so I should get into the matching exit lane in time.
162017-03-08 11:46:51 UTCIt's so funny Agree. Now suppose, in the same example (your PND tells you to take the exit in 600 meters), that it's not legally allowed to switch from e.g. the leftmost lane you are driving on to the exit lane because of a continuous white line which is 800 metres long?
172017-03-08 12:26:28 UTCkreuzschnabel I would be in the correct lane already since this won’t be its first announcement on this exit. The lane assistant would have told me to get into the rightmost lane miles before, so I would be a dumb driver to stick in the leftmost lane when I’m that close to the exit.
182017-03-08 13:18:53 UTCPolarbear Fully agree with hsimpson and kreuzschnabel on my practical experience using OsmAnd, and find the calculation by 'its so funny' rather theoretical.
The satnav device is just part of the information I process as a driver.
192017-03-08 22:06:08 UTCIt's so funny I have experience with TomTom, Navigon, Google Maps and Garmin. They all use the legal motorway_junction point for their routing. So I don't think my example is hypothetical, but standard practice for PND's.
202017-03-08 22:29:30 UTCIt's so funny And one other thing: I think it's a pity that the motorways in Germany are being mapped so incosistently now. I have checked about 20 of them throughout Germany (eg Berlin, Munich), and they all have the motorway_junction node on or just before the legal point of exit. My German is not so good, but ...
212017-03-08 22:33:17 UTCkreuzschnabel You’re welcome to join the discussion on the German forum:
No problem if you prefer to express yourself in English, just do so.
222017-03-08 22:44:54 UTCIt's so funny Thanks, I'll post my comment there
12017-03-07 22:43:25 UTCIt's so funny Compliments for this one. It has the necessary tags for a router. Plus the motorway_junction node has remained at the correct spot for a router.
12016-10-28 21:46:19 UTCbigbug21 Vielen Dank für das Update!
22016-11-08 16:10:33 UTChsimpson Immer gerne! :)
12016-09-10 16:38:50 UTCkrza War die Haltestelle pasteurstraße Richtung Ebertplatz nicht mal viel weiter südlich? War da sehr lange nicht mehr, kann sein, dass sie verlegt wurde. Die in die andere Richtung war ungefähr auf gleicher Höhe, glaube ich.
22016-09-11 12:40:58 UTChsimpson Hi, ich kann leider grade nicht mehr nachvollziehen, wie ich auf diese Position gekommen bin... Vor meiner bearbeitung war die allerdings in der Tat weiter südlich...
12016-06-14 15:06:00 UTChsimpson Ausführliche Begründung:

Spätestens nach de Freigabe der OU Fühlingen hat die Neusser (Land-)Straße weder von der Vehrkehrsbelastung, noch vom Ausbaustandard oder der Netzbedeutung den Rang einer primary-Straße, zumal parrallel die autobahnähnlich ausgebaute Industriestraße und in Verlän...
12016-04-21 08:25:03 UTCNakaner Warum hast du denn bei den Haltepositionen im EBO-Bereich railway=tram_stop ergänzt? Das sind keine Straßenbahnhaltestellen, sondern Haltepunkte bzw. Bahnhöfe.
22016-04-21 08:51:00 UTChsimpson Hi, die Haltestellen im EBO-Bereich unterscheiden sich weder von der Bauart noch von der Ausstattung her von den innerstädtischen Haltestellen. So ist der Lichtraumbereich beispielsweise zu klein für EBO. Und da die einzige Linie, die hier hält, eine route=tram ist, habe ich die Haltestellen eben...
32016-04-21 12:11:10 UTCNakaner Da es zu deiner Überarbeitung des Kölner Netzes gehört, bitte ich um eine Diskussion im dazu gehörigen Forums-Thread.
12015-02-12 09:23:50 UTCNakaner access=no mag zwar auf den ersten Blick in diesem Fall richtig sein, ist es aber nicht. Nicht jede Anwendung, die OSM-Daten nutzt, z.B. Navis, aktualisieren ihre Daten alle zwei Wochen. Momentan ist nicht absehbar, wie lange die Sperrung dauert. Daher wäre ein access:conditional="no @ (Feb 11 - Mar...
22015-02-12 09:35:38 UTCNakaner
32015-02-12 12:05:57 UTChsimpson Ok tut mir leid, ich änder das!
42015-02-12 12:17:45 UTCJojo4u Temorary ist immer noch Draft, ich würde conditional und temporary machen. Bitte auch alle Wege, momentan sieht es so aus als wären noch ein paar Routingsinseln.

Danke :)
52015-02-12 12:19:13 UTChsimpson also ich bin jetzt grade dabei ;) was genau soll ich jetzt taggen?
62015-02-12 12:19:54 UTChsimpson Ich schreib jetzt grade erstmal access:conditional=no @ (Feb 11 - Feb 16)
72015-02-12 15:06:42 UTCJojo4u Das Temporary-Tagging (2010) wurde nicht in Hinsicht auf das conditional-Tagging (2012) angepasst. Ich denke mit conditional alleine wie du planst passt das erstmal.
82015-02-12 20:09:19 UTChsimpson Ok hab's dementsprechend geändert. Hoffe, ich hab nix übersehen...
92015-02-13 08:13:20 UTCJojo4u hier eine Overpassabfrage, die schaut nach motorway(_link) wo access:conditional nicht gesetzt ist.
102015-02-18 16:14:42 UTChsimpson Ok ab jetzt sollte man denke ich mit access=no arbeiten ;)
112015-02-18 16:22:01 UTChsimpson Wenn man sich die Schäden an der Brücke genauer anschaut, ist das auch nicht verwunderlich ;)
122015-02-18 16:40:45 UTCNakaner "Ende März" sind bloß 5 Wochen. Das rechtfertigt kein access=*. access=* sollte man frühestens ab einem halben Jahr anwenden.
12015-02-14 23:20:26 UTCspezialist Hi,
ich denke, die Sperrung sollte nicht in OSM eingetragen werden, ist ja nur vorübergehend und kein dauerhafter Zustand.
22015-02-17 15:27:46 UTChsimpson Siehe dazu hier
12014-12-29 20:58:03 UTCXaMi This changeset adds the additional ref A46 to the part of motorway A57between junctions Neuss-West and Neuss-Süd.
Unfortunately you did not add a source to the changeset.
At all signs in this area only A57 is referenced. The website as reports a gap of A46 at this a...
22015-01-05 20:17:06 UTCXaMi I have to correct my previous comment partly: At least between Neuss-Süd and Neuss-Hafen new labels have been put on the signs (A57 and A46). Don't know if this is only meant as a direction hint, as the website still reports a gap.
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